The Real Dragon Chapter 3257

In Jerold’s confession, he told all that he had, all that he had about the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, without any reservations.

Regarding the attempts of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall on Syria this time, Charlie wade directly skipped over them, as he had already known about them, and what he was more curious about. What he was more curious about was actually some of the internal circumstances of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

Jerold’s confession revealed that the founder of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was named Wan Bajun, and the main reason why he was able to form the Hall at such a young age and take it all the way to development and growth was due to a noble person he met overseas back then.

This person’s identity was so mysterious that most of the soldiers of the Hall did not know of his existence.

The true identity of this Grandmaster. In fact, he was a top martial arts master.

And Wan Bajun was the direct disciple of this master.

According to Jerold, after Wan Bajun had achieved a certain level of strength in the martial arts. Almost all of the War Kings and War Generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall were disciples of Wan Bajun.

As the strength of these core members continued to rise, the Dragon Hall soon became famous in the mercenary field.

The first stratum, naturally, was Wan Bajun and the other war kings and war generals, all of whom were disciples of Wan Bajun and knew the vast majority of the secrets of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, and were all very sincere.

The second stratum, the middle ranking officers of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, these officers played an important role in the structure of the tens of thousands of personnel of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, these people all knew that the first stratum of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall was practising martial arts, but they only knew that, if they also wanted to practise martial arts, they had to pa*s the test of the first stratum, so the loyalty of this group of officers was also very high;.

As for the third stratum. They were the mercenaries hired by the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall from all over the world. These mercenaries actually did not know the core secrets of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, they were just paid the high salary of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall. If they performed very well, they could be promoted to the rank of officer and become the second tier of the Dragon Palace.

It was because of this division of ranks and the attraction of the martial arts as a ladder of advancement that the first and second ranks of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall were extremely solid. The overall strength was also getting stronger and stronger.

What shocked Charlie wade the most was that Jerold’s confession stated that Wan Bajun’s greatest wish for so many years. It was actually to return to China to avenge his parents, and for this goal, he had been carefully preparing for years.

Originally, that ancestor was not prepared to let him return to China to take revenge, although Wan Bajun had been persistent over the years. But the ancestor had never given his nod.

It was not until last year that the ancestor decided to leave the Middle East and travel the world, no longer asking about any of the matters of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, that Wan Bajun was finally able to put his revenge plan on the agenda.

In order to take revenge this time, Wan Broken Army had to raise a large number of people, the four great war kings and a hundred war generals all had to rush to China.

Now. The Four Great War Kings had already arrived at three of them, leaving only Jerold himself still in the Middle East.

And Jerold, this time, was originally going to take down Hamid. As well as the other opposition forces, he would immediately rush to Eastcliff and rendezvous with Wan Breaking Army.

Charlie wade saw this. Looking up at Jerold, he asked in a cold voice, “What is Wan Bajun seeking revenge from when he returns to China this time?”

Jerold blurted out, “According to him, the enemy who killed his parents is the Wade family in Eastcliff!”

“The Wade family?!” Charlie wade could not help but frown as he questioned, “How could the Wade family have killed his parents?”

Jerold said with a bewildered expression, “I don’t know exactly what the situation is, the Hall Master has never revealed the details of it to me, he only said that he would make the Wade family pay in blood. But what exactly is the grudge between the Wade family and him, we are not too sure.”

Charlie wade asked again, “Have you heard Wan Xiaojun say what his enemy is and what his name is in the Wade family?”

Jerold shook his head, “I haven’t heard of it ……”

What was on Charlie wade’s mind at this time was that this Wan Breaking Jun was looking for revenge against the Wade family, and what kind of person did he have to do with the Wade family.

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