The Real Dragon Chapter 3324

The female doctor was startled, she did not expect that a dying patient would have such speed and strength.

As she was wondering, she suddenly glanced at the monitor next to her and blurted out in utter shock, “Director! The patient’s blood pressure, heart rate and blood pressure indicators have all recovered!”

As soon as everyone heard this, they almost all subconsciously looked at the monitor.

On the monitor, Helena’s blood pressure had recovered from 45/30 a moment ago to 120/70 at breakneck speed!

Heart rate, from less than 20 beats per minute, had leapt straight to 72 beats per minute!

The blood oxygen indicator had shot up from less than 60% before to 95%!

Director Zhao’s entire body was frozen as he looked at the monitor and muttered, “This …… This stupid machine is bullsh*tting with us, right? Is it broken? Check to see if there is anything wrong with the connection between the machine and the patient! It’s f*cking amazing!”

The doctor went up to check, shook his head and said, “There’s no problem, every part is connected properly!”

Director Zhao’s face was full of disbelief as he went forward and patted the machine hard, saying out of the blue, “I suspect this thing is broken, so why don’t one of you go next door to the resuscitation room and push another one over here!”

But at that very moment, Helena sat up all of a sudden!

All the doctors froze on the spot.

They were all experts in the field of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular medicine, and each of them had at least ten to twenty years of experience in the field, but they had never encountered such a thing before.

This was a complete reversal of the medical common sense and medical experience they had gained through so many years of study and accumulation.

It was like an atheist who had been steadfastly believing all his life that there were no ghosts in this world, only to suddenly find at some point in time that the ghosts of his dead relatives had appeared in front of him and even conversed with him, such a strong sense of reality and unreality crossed each other, making their world view become magically realistic.

Helena was at this point just as shocked beyond belief as Director Zhao was and the other doctors.

However, unlike the other doctors who were confused, she clearly knew exactly what was happening to her.

“It was Charlie wade!”

“It was Charlie wade who saved me!”

“He wasn’t wrong at all, biting the middle finger of my right hand in a moment of crisis would have saved my life!”

“But I didn’t even take his advice seriously …… I even thought he was just talking out of his a*s …… If I had thought of him earlier, I wouldn’t have had to suffer so much ……”

“However, although I have just suffered a lot, I have also seen the true nature of many people, including the maids around me, and everyone in the wade family ……”

“And just now, that mysterious energy that suddenly gushed out of my right hand must have been left there by Charlie wade!”

“What kind of person is he and what kind of divine ability does he have to be able to do all this?!”

Thinking of this, Helena had only one thought in her mind: she must go and find Charlie wade!

“Only he can help me, only he can save my life, save me and my mother from being manipulated by the royal family and by Olivia!”

With this in mind, Helena ripped off the oxygen mask, the blood oxygen meter on her fingers, and the blood pressure meter on her wrist, and said offhandedly, “Thank you, but I don’t need your resuscitation now!”

“This …… This ……” Director Zhao was baffled.

A patient who was dying suddenly sat up from the bed and said that he didn’t need to be resuscitated ……

This is simply outrageous!

So, he subconsciously said, “Princess Helena, your current situation is very dangerous, you may die at any time, we have to conduct a full examination on you, otherwise your life may be in danger at any time!”

But Helena didn’t give him a chance to look back, she jumped out of the bed and walked out!

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