The Real Dragon Chapter 3325

Outside the resuscitation room at this time, the immediate family of the Wade family, as well as Helena’s two maids, were still waiting anxiously.

Everyone had already decided that Helena was certain to die, so everyone was waiting for a clear message from inside.

Lord wade had even instructed Feb wade to immediately send that video from earlier to the Nordic royal family’s butler as soon as Helena’s death was confirmed, and then clear the connection.

However, Feb wade also felt more or less regretful in his heart.

After all, an exotic, earthly beauty like Helena was simply the object of all men’s dreams.

But he had never been able to find a chance to kiss her, so it was a complete waste.

Christine thought of something and quietly asked Lord wade, “Dad, should we ask Charlie to come over? He said at the time that Lord Orrin was cured by him, and it was also him who noticed the abnormality in Helena’s body at first glance, perhaps he can have a way to save her, or even a way to cure her!”

Lord wade waved his hand, “No!”

Christine asked in confusion, “Why dad, if Charlie had a way, wouldn’t that make everyone happy?”

Lord wade shook his head firmly and lowered his voice, saying seriously, “Absolutely not! No matter what method Charlie has, his method of bringing people back to life must be invaluable! It is definitely not worth wasting on a mere Helena’s body!”

Saying this, Lord wade added, “This woman has been hiding her illness from our Wade family, which in itself is not a bad intention, so why should our Wade family use such a precious method to save her? To repay a grudge with virtue? I, Lord wade, am not that great!”

Christine immediately understood Lord wade’s meaning and hurriedly said, “It’s still you, Dad, who is thoughtful!”

In fact, Lord wade had only said half of what he had in mind.

The other half of what he did not say was that Charlie wade’s method of bringing people back from the dead and returning them to old age was something he had not even had the chance to experience for himself until now, so how could he give such an opportunity to a mere Helena?

Just as the Wade family was waiting for Helena’s dust to settle, the door to the resuscitation room suddenly opened.

Feb wade was fiddling with his mobile phone, and when he heard the door open, he thought it was the doctor coming out, so without raising his head, he hurriedly asked, “Is the person dead?”

Just as the words left his mouth, he happened to look up and saw the person coming out of the door.

What he, as well as all the Wade family members, including the two maids, did not expect was that the person who came out of the resuscitation room was Helena, who had already been declared dead by the doctors and had at most an hour or two to live.

When they found out that it was Helena, everyone was struck by lightning, and they were unable to react for a long time.

Lord wade looked at Helena with a horrified face and asked out of the blue, “Helena? You …… How did you ……”

Helena looked at the Wade family in front of her and was also disappointed in her heart, because she had completely seen the Wade family’s face just now.

However, she also knew very well in her heart that she was in the wrong and could not blame the Wade family for being overly realistic.

And there was no way she could flip out with the Wade family now, because she knew in her heart that the only one who could save herself now was Charlie wade.

It could even be said that the only person who could save her mother right now was also Charlie wade.

Therefore, she looked at Lord wade, bowed respectfully, and spoke, “Thank you for your concern, Old Mr. Wade, I am already fine.”

Lord wade was already completely dumbfounded, just now he was about to die, and now he suddenly came out and bowed to himself saying that he was fine, this was too magical, right?

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