The Real Dragon Chapter 3355

At present, Yohiko Ito, who has lost his legs, has announced his retirement and handed over the control of the Ito family to his daughter, Nanaiko Ito.

However, he did not immediately become a hands-off person.

Rather, he has become the man behind the Ito family, from the former head of the family, to provide her with judgement and resources.

But Nanae Ito is so good at his job that most of the time he is actually just idle as a staffer.

At the moment, he is in his family’s yard in Tokyo, tinkering with some Japanese bonsai plants with his loyal servant, Tanaka.

A subordinate suddenly came running in looking panicked and said out of the blue, “Master, Missy has suddenly summoned the four ninja clans and told them to gather at Narita Airport tonight to take a flight to China!”

“What?!” Ito Yohiko listened dumbfounded and asked with a face full of astonishment, “Nana-chan what is she suddenly summoning so many ninjas to go to China?”

“I don’t know either ……” The subordinate said in a bit of panic, “There are at least a hundred ninja from the four great clans combined, and I don’t know why Missy is making such a big fuss, so I rushed to inform you ……”

On the other side, Tanaka Koichi was also full of shock and spoke, “Lord Chairman, should we make a phone call to ask Missy, it’s a bit unusual for her to suddenly gather so many ninja ……”

Ito Yohiko spoke up, “Tanaka, I am no longer the chairman, it would be better to change my name in the future.”

After saying that, he added, “The current president is Nana-chan, the Ito family’s big and small affairs as well as all available external resources should be under her sole discretion, in theory, if she doesn’t take the initiative to talk to me about this matter, I shouldn’t ask about it.”

Hiroshi Tanaka nodded and said, “You are right, but …… But this is too unusual, if there is no major event happening, Onii-sama will never call in ninja, and also all the ninja of the four ninja clans at once, if you don’t grasp it properly, something big can easily happen ……”

Ito Yohiko sighed and said, “I have handed over the position of president to Nanaiko, then theoretically I have to trust her unconditionally, support and respect every decision she makes, the succession of a new king and the interference of the old king has always been the starting point of internal affairs collapse, the Ito family has been able to come this far, successive presidents have tried to avoid such things happen, I can not set this precedent. ”

Tanaka Koichi hesitated for a moment, nodded his head and said, “Your meaning subordinate understands ……”

Ito Yohiko nodded slightly and instructed the subordinate who had come to report the news, “Go about your business, and do not tell anyone else about this matter.”

The subordinate immediately bowed deeply and respectfully shouted, “Hi I!”

With that, he hurriedly turned around and left.

Ito Yohiko continued to fiddle with the potted plant he was holding, but noticed that Tanaka Koichi, who was next to him, seemed very distracted, so he put the potted plant down in his hands and said blandly, “Tanaka, trust Nana-chan, she will not make any irresponsible decisions rashly.”

Tanaka Koichi said ashamedly, “You are right, my subordinate should not have overthought ……”

Ito Yohiko nodded slightly and smiled, “All right, these pots of aquascape should all be finished today, hurry up!”


Just then, Nanaeko Ito came in with a quick, distracted step, and seeing both Yuuhiko Ito and Koichi Tanaka fiddling with the potted plants in the courtyard, she immediately came forward and bowed, “Father-sama! Nana-chan has just summoned all the ninja of the four clans without your permission, so please forgive me!”

Ito Yohiko smiled and said, “Nana-chan, you are the chairman of the Ito clan, you do not need my permission to make any decisions.”

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