The Real Dragon Chapter 3356

Ito Nanaeko pursed her lips, tears instantly came to her eyes and choked, “Odo-san …… Charlie wadejun he …… is in trouble ……”

“What?!” Ito Yohiko exclaimed, “Mr. Wade is in trouble? A man as godly as Mr. Wade shouldn’t be in any real trouble, right?”

Ito Nana-chan’s tears had long since gone out of control and she sobbed, “Charlie wade-kun this time …… He was approached by the world’s top mercenary organization, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall …… It is said that the Wade family has a blood feud with the hall master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, and the other party has now gone to the Wade family to seek revenge ……”

“Ten Thousand Dragon Hall?!” Ito Yohiko only felt a dizzying sensation in his brain and blurted out, “How could the Wade family have messed with the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons ……”

Ito Nana-chan shook her head and said, “I don’t know the details, I only know that the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall has killed the Wade family today, leaving more than a hundred coffins behind, saying that they want to destroy the whole Wade family ……”

Ito Yohiko asked her, “You urgently summoned all the ninja from the four great clans just to go to Eastcliff to help Mr. Wade?”

“That’s right!” Ito Nanaeko said with a firm nod, “Charlie wadejun has been a benefactor to me, and now that he is in trouble, I cannot sit idly by and do nothing!”

Ito Yuuhiko said with a complicated expression, “But …… The ninjas of the four great clans are no match for the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, either ……”

Saying that, Ito Yohiko added: “I still know something about the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, tens of thousands of elite mercenaries, more than a hundred top experts, this kind of strength, except for the world’s top three great clans, no business family can afford to mess with it, including us.”

The first time the group was killed by a tactical team of less than 20 people, no one was left alive, and since then, the group, which was running rampant in the country, has taken a detour when it hears the words “Ten Thousand Dragons”. ……”

Ito Nana-chan blurted out, “Odo-san, I can’t care about that anymore, no matter what, I have to do my best to help Charlie wade-kun, even if I have to die in China!”

Ito Yohiko looked at Ito Nana-chan’s unwavering expression and was silent for a moment, then he let out a long sigh and waved his hand in a somewhat helpless manner, “Go ahead! Since your mind is already made up, there is no point in me saying more, but there are just two things I have to advise you.”

Ito Nanaeko was delighted to hear this and said, “Ondo-san, please speak!”

Ito Yohiko said with unparalleled seriousness, “The first thing is that many so-called warriors are not really brave, but what people often call ‘those who do not know are fearless’, so you must remember that until the moment when you actually face the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, do not let the ninja of the Four Families know that the enemy they are facing this time who exactly it is, otherwise I believe none of them will dare to get on the plane.”

Nanaeko Ito bit her lip and nodded heavily, “Ondo-san, Nanaeko understands!”

Ito Yohiko nodded, looked at her with some reluctance and said lovingly, “Second thing, no matter what, stay alive! Odo-san has already lost her legs, and if I lose you again, my life will no longer be meaningful.”

With tears streaming down her face, Nanaeko Ito immediately fell to her knees and took Yohiko Ito’s hand, choking back tears, “Don’t worry Odo-san, Nanaeko will do her best!”

Ito Yohiko also failed to control his inner emotions, and two lines of hot tears rolled down his face.

He then looked at Nanaiko Ito and said with emotion, “That’s all, Nanaiko, let Ondo-san go to Eastcliff with you!”

Ito Nana-chan asked, surprised beyond belief, “Odo-san, you’re going too?”

Ito Yohiko nodded and said seriously, “Mr. Wade is as kind to the Ito family as a mountain, and now that he is in such great trouble, I should go to help!”

In fact, Ito Yohiko had something to say that he didn’t say, he looked at Nanaiko Ito and felt in his heart, “Nanaiko, you are the only daughter of Odo-san, if going to Eastcliff is a certain death, it is right that Odo-san should die on your behalf!”

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