The Real Dragon Chapter 3377

Seeing Charlie wade suddenly kneel down on one knee, these old loyalists of Bruce wade’s, who were already in tears, came forward to support him.

One of them, the oldest, said with tears streaming down his face, “Young master, please don’t! We are all your subordinates, how can we accept such a big gift from you!”

Charlie wade said firmly, “All of you are my father’s old men, and to be here today is a token of gratitude to the Wade family.

The old man said, “Young master, this is all we should do! In fact, when Young Master Bruce was in trouble, we, the underlings, failed to do our best by his side, so it was our fault! For so many years, not a single day has pa*sed without us blaming ourselves and feeling guilty, and now that you have finally returned, you have given us a chance to redeem ourselves!”

Charlie wade sighed, “You all have spoken too highly!”

Then, he looked at the orphanage’s Director Zhang and said respectfully, “Director Zhang, how have you been?”

Dean Zhang hurriedly took a step forward and bowed respectfully, “I am grateful for your concern, I have been doing quite well recently, but for so many years, I have had to hide my identity from you for special reasons, so please forgive me.”

Charlie wade arched his hand and said, “Dean Zhang, you have spoken too highly, I know that you have been protecting me in secret, for so many years, you have worked hard.”

After saying that, Charlie wade looked at the crowd again and said from the bottom of his heart, “All of you, uncles and uncles, have worked hard!”

The old man from earlier said, “Young master, this is all within our duty!”

Dean Zhang also said, “Yes, young master! This is all our part, almost all of our lives are given to us by Young Master Bruce, in a moment Young Master, don’t worry, if the people of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall come up to kill us, they will have to step over our corpses!”

Charlie wade was busy saying, “Gentlemen, there is no need for that! Today’s matter, I will personally settle it face to face with Wan Breaking Army of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, all you uncles here, just guard the gate, don’t let other idle people into the mountain, as for the people of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, please also make sure to let them in without any hindrance.”

“How can this be!” The old man from before, immediately said somewhat anxiously, “Young Master, we came here today to fight the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall to the death!”

Stephen Thompson hurriedly stepped forward at this time and said, “Listen to me first, gentlemen! Young Master Charlie is absolutely certain of dealing with that Wan Breaking Army, none of you should spoil the young master’s good deed, so when the Wan Long Hall’s people come, you should just let them go up the mountain!”

The crowd had shocked faces.

Several people immediately went forward and repeatedly confirmed with Stephen Thompson.

Stephen Thompson spoke with great certainty each time, which forced the crowd to accept the order.

They didn’t know if Charlie wade was really sure of dealing with Wan Bu Jun or not, but since both Charlie wade and Stephen Thompson were certain several times, they could only do as they were told.

Seeing that he had convinced them, Charlie wade once again arched his hand at the crowd and spoke, “It’s hard for you all to guard here, so I’ll go up the mountain first.”

After saying that, Charlie wade rejoined Stephen Thompson’s car and continued driving towards the top of the mountain.

Charlie wade felt a lot of emotions in his heart as he rode the car all the way up the mountain.

This was his second time on Mount Wade Ling, and it meant a lot to him.

At this moment on the top of the mountain, all the members of the direct lineage of the Wade family in Eastcliff had arrived.

In addition to that, Don Albert, Isaac Cameron and Helena had also arrived.

However, the original 700-odd members of the Wade family’s side branches had almost all run away last night.

The only one left behind was Lord wade’s younger brother, Jim wade.

The children and grandchildren of Jim wade had also fled Eastcliff and returned to North America in the early hours of last night.

As for the rest of the hundreds of people, they all ran back home in the dark.

They knew that this time, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was only targeting the Wade family in Eastcliff, and had nothing to do with them, the side branches.

Under such circumstances, how could they possibly stay and share the hardships with the Wade family?

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