The Real Dragon Chapter 3378

Charlie wade got down from the car, and seeing that there were only so few people at the scene, he asked in a cold voice, “Didn’t you say yesterday that a total of more than seven hundred members of the Wade Clan from all over the world would come to attend this ancestral ceremony? Why are they all gone now?”

Lord wade said awkwardly, “Charlie, as the saying goes, each one of them will fly away when the disaster comes, they know that we will not be able to escape this time, so naturally they cannot die with us, so it is only natural for them to leave overnight.”

Charlie wade grunted and said indifferently, “Who has the big list from yesterday? Bring it to me.”

Eldest uncle Corran walked forward somewhat depressed and handed a thick roster into Charlie wade’s hands, saying resentfully, “Here! You can read it yourself.”

Charlie wade threw the roster directly at Corran and said coldly, “Immediately notify everyone on here who should come but hasn’t! If they don’t show up within an hour, they will have to come up from the foot of the mountain tomorrow and kneel down three times to atone for their sins!”

Corran was so angry that he didn’t know what to say, and Feb wade, who was on the side, said with a disheveled look on his face at this time, “Charlie wade, come on …… The old pretend old pretend will be meaningless, this after another hour Wan broken army will come, are dead to death, you still say such pretend words, what is the point?”

Charlie wade frowned at him and questioned, “What? Didn’t you get enough of a slap yesterday, did you?”

Feb wade took a few steps back in fear and said resentfully, “Fine, fine, I’ll shut up, I’ll shut up! Anyway, it’s only an hour away, I’m waiting here to see how you’re going to solve Wan Bajun!”

Charlie wade didn’t bother with him and turned to Corran, saying indifferently, “Call them one by one immediately!”

Corran had no choice but to take out his mobile phone and dial them one by one.

After making dozens of calls in a row, none of them got through.

Corran helplessly spread out his hands and said, “There’s no way out, they’ve all turned off their phones, and I believe they won’t turn on their phones until tomorrow.”

“Good.” Charlie wade nodded expressionlessly and spoke, “Then let’s wait and see these seven hundred people lining up and kowtowing to the mountain tomorrow.”

At this time, Lord Orrin also drove the car up after catching up with Bruce wade’s old men at the bottom of the mountain.

When the car stopped and Lord Orrin’s family stepped out of the car, everyone in the Wade family was stunned.

Lord wade was the most astonished, and he asked Lord Orrin, dumbfounded, “Lord Orrin …… You …… What brings you here?”

Lord Orrin stepped forward and said respectfully, “Uncle wade, Bruce is my eldest brother and Charlie is my future son-in-law! How could I not come for such a momentous event!”

Lord wade’s eyes were slightly red as he sighed, “Lord Orrin …… You have love and righteousness, uncle appreciates it! But this kind of thing is not in jest, I advise you to hurry up and take your wife and children back! No matter what, the Wade family can’t drag you down with them!”

Lord Orrin said firmly, “Uncle Wade, what kind of words are you talking about! I’m sure you know how I am, Lord Orrin, and until this matter is resolved today, I will never leave Wade Lingshan!”

Lord wade wanted to say something, but hesitated for a moment, but in the end, it only turned into a sigh: “Ai! Lord Orrin! You are a good man! Bruce has not misjudged you!”

The Wade family members were all a bit resentful, and Corran was depressed in his heart, as he and his son had been ignored by the old man since yesterday, and now that even Lord Orrin could receive his praise, he was even more upset in his heart, and looking at Lord Orrin, he could not help but complain, “Lord Orrin, you are at least the head of the Gu(Sun) family, which is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, so if you really came to help, why didn’t you even bring a helper? How can you help with just a family of three?”

Lord Orrin said seriously, “Brother Corran, originally I wanted to bring all of the Gu(Sun) family’s subordinates up here, but that would have added to Charlie’s mess, so I won’t add to it.”

Corran brushed aside his mouth and said disdainfully, “Adding to the chaos? What we are not afraid of now is adding to the chaos! The Ten Thousand Dragons Hall will be here at eight o’clock, so I really want to see how they will cope with just this many people.”

Lord wade glared at him and was about to reprimand him when Stephen Thompson received a report over the intercom and came running to Charlie wade, “Young master, the people down the mountain say that there are some cars that insist on going up the mountain, and they say they are your men, surnamed He.”

Charlie wade nodded and said, “They are indeed my people, let them come up.”

“Good!” Stephen Thompson immediately picked up the walkie-talkie and spoke, “Let them come up!”

Each and every one of the Wade family was a little surprised, they didn’t expect that Charlie wade had even found helpers.

At this moment, Jackson whispered to Myles and the others beside him, “I don’t know what kind of helpers this Charlie wade can get!”

Feb wade sneered with a black face, “What kind of reliable helper can he find? I think it’s just like that Don Albert and Isaac Cameron, just a few bumpkins from Aurous Hill!”

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