The Real Dragon Chapter 3379

Soon, several off-road vehicles with Aurous Hill number plates drove all the way up from the bottom of the mountain.

When he saw that these cars were all with Aurous Hill number plates, Feb wade immediately sneered in front of the few people around him, “You see, I’m right, expecting this kind of hangers-on from a small place to do any good, sending them to their deaths is not even f*cking good enough!”

The expressions of the people around him were all very much in agreement, they all felt that no matter where Charlie wade brought help from at this time, in front of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, it would be a mantis.

Several SUVs came to a halt, and on the pa*senger seat of the first vehicle, a young woman dressed in a black practice uniform with a long ponytail tied high behind her head immediately jumped down.

The Wade family’s eyes widened at the sight of this woman.

Not only because this woman was extremely beautiful and valiant, but also because they had seen this woman before!

Because, this was the personal bodyguard who had previously been following Zayne, the son of the Banks family, Xion!

Moreover, everyone knew what Xion had done in Japan some time ago.

Everyone even knew that she had been arrested in Japan and eventually betrayed by Master Banks, and that her whereabouts were completely unknown.

In Eastcliff at that time, this matter was a great sensation.

But how could they have imagined that Xion would appear on Wade Ling Mountain!

Feb wade’s entire body was dumbfounded as he said, “Banks …… Xion is actually still alive?! Besides, how did she come? Could she be Charlie wade’s helper?”

Charlie wade also did not expect that Xion would come over.

He had thought that when the He family came, it should be Elder He and the other He family children, with Zayne as well as Jerold.

But never did he expect that Xion would also come.

When Xion saw Charlie wade, he immediately took a few quick steps to Charlie wade and clasped his hands together, “Sir Wade, Xion has come to wait for your orders!”

Charlie wade sighed and said, “Your appearance here today will bring a lot of trouble in case word gets out.”

Xion said unconcernedly, “Don’t worry about that! Xion’s life was saved by Duke wade, so at times like this, I naturally have to come and give my liver and brain to Duke wade!”

Charlie wade nodded gently and said indifferently, “After the matter of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall is resolved, I will tell everyone who saw you today that I, Charlie wade, will never spare anyone who dares to leak out your information.”

At this time, He Yingxiu and Lord He and the others, also got down from the car.

When the Wade family saw Lord He, each of them was even more shocked.

“Elder He?!” Lord wade exclaimed in shock, saying, “How did you ……”

The He family was originally a martial arts family under the Banks family, so Lord wade naturally knew Lord He.

A while ago everyone knew that the He family and the Banks family, because of Xion’s matter, had some conflicts, and then the He family broke up with the Banks family completely.

Immediately afterwards, news also came from the martial arts field that Lord He had officially broken through to become a four-star martial artist, which had indeed caused quite a shock in the country at first.

Many people wanted to recruit the He family, but Lord He left Desert City and his whereabouts were unknown.

Lord wade also did not expect that Lord He would appear here.

Lord He clasped his fist to Elder Wade at this moment and spoke, “Greetings, Elder Wade, I have come here, just like my granddaughter, to be at the disposal of Lord wade!”

When the Wade family heard this, they were immediately overjoyed.

Although they knew that even Lord He and the He family could not be a match for the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, at least the He family were all martial arts experts, which could more or less give them a certain sense of security.

Apart from that, the Wade family members were also a bit puzzled in their hearts. This Lord He, who was originally a member of the Banks family, how could he be taken in by Charlie wade? Charlie wade and the Banks family, this is too far from each other, right?

At that moment, Lord He had already walked up to Charlie wade and said respectfully, “Sir Wade, I have done everything you ordered without disgracing my mission!”

Charlie wade nodded slightly and asked him, “Where are those two people now?”

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