The Real Dragon Chapter 3402

Like Lu Haotian, the Golden-furred Lion King, who was also a six-star martial artist, was actually struck through the brain by a stone kicked up by his opponent’s foot!

This instantly caused those generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall who wanted to swarm and fight for their lives against Charlie wade just now to subconsciously take a few steps back.

At the same time, the urge in their hearts to fight Charlie wade to the death was instantly stopped by Charlie wade’s blow just now!

The group was so shocked in their hearts that they knew that since Charlie wade could kill the Golden-furred Lion King with a flip of his hand, then Charlie wade could also kill any of them in the same way!

Wan Xiaojun was also completely frozen!

At this moment, he finally realised the gap between himself and Charlie wade.

He knew that if Charlie wade made a move, he would probably not be able to survive a single move in his hands!

At this moment, Charlie wade, who had just killed someone, looked at Lu Haotian with a chagrined expression and sighed, “Aiya, impulsive impulsive, I just said that I would be the first to kill you first today, but I didn’t expect to hold back for a moment and let someone else steal your number one position, you won’t blame me, right?”

Lu Haotian was going crazy with fear and blurted out, “No no no …… Absolutely not ……”

Charlie wade nodded and turned to look at the group of appalled Wan Long Hall generals and said indifferently, “Anyone who is not afraid of death can come forward voluntarily, I have long been prepared to go on a killing spree in front of my parents’ spirits today, even if I kill all of you, I, Charlie wade, will never blink an eye!”

The killing intent in Charlie wade’s tone caused a subconscious panic to surge in the hearts of the gang from the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

At this moment, Charlie wade thwarted a pebble from the ground with his toe, then he grabbed the pebble in his hand and played with it in his hand while looking at the nearly one hundred generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall and said indifferently, “Today is a personal grudge between me and Wan Bajun, it has nothing to do with you people, so all of you must take a step back now, those who don’t, die! ”

These people panicked all of a sudden, and the crowd looked at me and me at you, not knowing for a moment whether they should stand still or take a step back.

After all, if they really took a step back at this point, it would also signify that they had completely cleared their camp with the Wan Breakers.

However, many of these people were deeply attached to Wan Bajun, so if they were to stand in line at this point, they would not be able to bear it.

So, some of them immediately took a step back, but nearly half of them still chose to stand still.

And this group of people who stood still also had a fluke in mind.

Charlie wade only had a stone in his hand, and there were dozens of people standing still, could he kill everyone with a single stone?

When Charlie wade saw this, he smiled faintly.

He was not surprised by this.

He then looked at one of these people, a black man, and opened his mouth to ask him, “I’ve heard that there is still a black-faced Panther King in the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, if I’m not wrong, it should be you, right?”

The black man panicked a little at once and subconsciously said, “Yes …… It’s me ……”

Charlie wade nodded and said indifferently, “Of the four battle kings of your Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, you are now the only one left intact, and you are still standing still, it seems that you also want to be my enemy?”

The Black-faced Panther King was in a panic, and when he thought of the Golden-furred Lion King being pierced through the brain by a stone from Charlie wade just now, he subconsciously took a step back and waved his hands repeatedly, “Mr. Wade, you misunderstood …… I don’t want to antagonize you …… I’ll take a step back here ……”

Charlie wade shook his head and said indifferently, “It’s too late!”

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