The Real Dragon Chapter 3403

Charlie wade’s late remark scared the black-faced Panther King out of his wits!

He almost subconsciously took several steps backwards in quick succession, then suddenly turned around and desperately tried to run down the mountain.

He had just seen what Charlie wade had done when he killed the Golden-furred Lion King.

A single stone could take the life of a six-star martial artist.

If he didn’t run himself, he was afraid that he would repeat the Golden-furred Lion King’s mistake.

However, he had just turned around and before he could run two steps, he only felt an instant pain in the back of his head, followed by the entire person losing all consciousness.

The death of the Black-faced Panther King was very crisp, almost in a flash of lightning, so he did not suffer much pain.

However, in the eyes of the other soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, the death of the Black-faced Panther King was too miserable!

Charlie wade had used a pebble to strike directly through his brain.

What was even more tragic was that the pebble shot through the back of his head and blasted out of his face, blowing a fist-sized bloody hole right in the middle of his entire face!

His nose was gone and his eyeballs had been pushed out of their sockets by the tremendous force of the pebble!

In this instant, everyone in the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was completely shocked by Charlie wade!

One of the four battle kings of the Dragon Hall had been killed in the Middle East, and now one was ruined and two were dead!

At this point, all of the Four Great Battle Kings of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall had fallen.

Among the remaining people, apart from Wan Bajun, the strongest one was only a five-star war general, so how could they be Charlie wade’s opponent?

At this moment, Charlie wade looked at a group of panicked Wan Long Hall generals and said coldly, “Each and every one of you has trained hard for many years to achieve your current cultivation, if you don’t want all your hard work over the years to be ruined, then all of you should take a step back!”

As soon as Charlie wade’s words fell, nearly a hundred people backed up almost without hesitation.

The only one who did not move was Wan Bajun.

At this moment, Wan Bajun did not expect that the core layer of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall that he had formed and built with his own hands would fall apart like this.

At this moment, Charlie wade looked at the eight Ten Thousand Dragons Hall generals who were carrying the coffin and said in a cold voice, “You few, put the coffin down and take another step back!”

Upon hearing this, these eight men immediately placed the coffins of Wan Bajun’s parents on the ground and honestly retreated backwards.

In front of the formation of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, only Wan Bajun was left alone at this time.

Charlie wade raised his eyes, looked at Wan Bajun and asked him, “When you banged the gong and came to Wade Lingshan today, did you ever think that things would turn into this situation now?”

Wan Bajun was dismayed and let out a miserable laugh, “There is nothing to say as my skills are inferior to those of others.”

Charlie wade sneered, “You may not know, but I have actually been waiting for you for a long time.”

Wan Bajun raised his head, looked at Charlie wade and asked in confusion, “What do you mean by that?”

Charlie wade smiled and said, “I had someone bring two people to Eastcliff the night before last, these two people, you know them both, next, let you meet them one by one.”

Just as Wan Xiaojun wondered what exactly Charlie wade meant by these words, Charlie wade turned his head to look at Lord He and spoke, “Old Mr. He, the younger guy who was kneeling in front of my parents’ grave can be brought over.”

“Good!” Lord He knew that the younger one Charlie wade was talking about was Jerold, who Charlie wade had brought back from the Middle East.

So, he personally walked over to Charlie wade’s parents’ spirit, pulled Jerold, who was wearing a black cloth bag on his head, to Charlie wade’s side and said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, the man has been brought here.”

Charlie wade nodded his head, looked at Wan Bajun and asked him with a smile, “Hall Master Wan, do you know who this is?”

Wan Bajun looked bewildered.

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