The Real Dragon Chapter 3472

At this moment, William was ready to welcome 3 billion euros and a Concorde.

        Everyone on the floor, except for Charlie wade, was staring intently at the dealer’s hand with bated breath.

        This one card would decide where the billions of euros at the table would go.

        And both William and Olivia, were in a position to win.

        Charlie wade did not care at all at this point, his expression was not happy, not sad, not slow, as if everything had nothing to do with him.

        At this time, the dealer held up a card and suddenly turned it over and threw it in front of William.

        In this instant, before William could see what the card was, his whole body was already struck by lightning!

        Because …… he saw that …… his own card …… was red!

        Charlie wade’s four aces of spades were already there, and if William wanted to win, it had to be a flush.

        The ace of spades was already in Charlie wade’s hand, so if William wanted to win, the fifth card could and must be the nine of spades!

        Anyone who has ever made a golden flush knows that it is extremely rare to get a three card flush, let alone a five card flush.

        However, William wasn’t worried at all.

        Because he knew that his friend, the dealer, could make any card he wanted for himself.

        So, he had already concluded that this card was definitely the nine of spades!

        However, once the card was red, then William didn’t even need to see what point it actually was to be absolutely certain that the hand was his to lose!

        Apart from Charlie wade and Helena, the rest of the people at the scene were either William’s fiancée or William’s friends.

        So when they saw that the bottom card was actually a red one, everyone couldn’t help but let out an extremely regretful gasp!

        Olivia was about to have a heart attack!

        She had thought that William had caught a big hand and was thinking about how to celebrate later, but then she turned around and William had lost so much in turn!

        All of a sudden, this future Scandinavian Queen, her whole body tense to the extreme, muttered in her heart: “How could this be …… How could this be …… Why isn’t it the 9 of spades… . why on earth isn’t it the 9 of spades!!!”

        William was even more confused, the huge difference of billions of euros between the opposite and the positive made his whole mind go blank, he subconsciously roared out of his mouth, “How is this …… possible? This is absolutely impossible! My card should be the nine of spades, how can it be the six of diamonds!!! Who swapped my card away?”

        Charlie wade immediately put away his original look of that scatterbrain and looked at William and sneered coldly, “And by no means …… is this card your father, huh? You let him be the 9 of spades, he is the 9 of spades?

        William looked at his dealer friend like he was crazy and cursed, “It’s you! You’re f*cking playing me, aren’t you! What did Wade give you? What did Wade give you? How dare you screw me like that?”

        Charlie wade said in a cold voice: “William, that’s a bit irresponsible of you, isn’t it? This is the first time I’ve met any of you, and I don’t even know this friend who’s guesting as a dealer. I lost to you so many times just now, did I ever blame the dealer?”

        William had lost his mind and was now a broken gambler, gritting his teeth and saying, “Don’t give me that f*cking sh*t! I told him to help me with my cards and let me win! But he lost me on the most important hand! There must be a f*cking conspiracy! Charlie wade! It must be you!”

        The crowd was frozen at this point, and it was only then that the other runners realized that William had conspired with the dealer.

        At this moment, William was also furious and had completely lost his rationality. He was now convinced that this lottery official had cooperated with Charlie wade and eaten himself to death, so he was naturally extremely indignant in his heart.

        But how could he have imagined that with a single word, he would have sold himself out.

        At this time, Charlie wade stood up and said coldly: “Oh! So you f*cking cheated with others! Do you know the rules at the gambling table, cheating is punishable by chopping off your hand!”

        Only then did William wake up with a start!

        Realising that he had said the wrong thing, he immediately denied it and said, “I didn’t cheat! I was just talking nonsense!”

        Charlie wade laughed coldly and said, “You made it up, didn’t you? Good!”

        After saying that, Charlie wade looked at the lottery official and questioned in a stern voice, “You! Tell us exactly what happened!”

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