The Real Dragon Chapter 3473

The lottery official hurriedly said, “William invited me here today because he wanted me to help him play cards in a gambling game and let him win a sum of money, he has done this more than once, and every time he has at least several hundred to ten million euros in the bank, this time I was also instructed by him, so I helped him cheat ……”

        Charlie wade looked at William and asked in a cold voice, “Come on, what else do you have to say?”

        William didn’t know how to respond for a while, and just then, he suddenly glanced at the IOU on the table.

        Today, he had originally won one billion from Charlie wade, and now he had lost in a two billion dollar IOU, which was the same as not only not winning Charlie wade’s money, but also owing Charlie wade one billion himself.

        But he felt that all the evidence of the debt was on that IOU!

        As long as that IOU was gone, the debt would naturally not count!

        As long as the IOU was destroyed, then the big deal was that he was playing for nothing for one night!

        So, he thought he was swift and suddenly grabbed the IOU and shoved it into his mouth like a madman!

        But his so-called swiftness was already as slow as an ant in Charlie wade’s eyes.

        At the very moment William tried to stuff the note into his mouth, he suddenly felt his wrist being grabbed in a deadly grip!

        Immediately afterwards, an extremely crisp breaking sound suddenly came from his right wrist!


        He only felt a sharp pain coming from his right wrist, and when he looked up, he found that his wrist was connected to his entire arm, with only a layer of skin and flesh remaining.

        That bone had long since broken, and even the broken bone stubble had pierced through the skin, and blood was gushing out in a steady stream.

        Charlie wade had already pulled the note away from his hand and said in a cold voice, “You can do it, William, even if you cheat, you have to eat the note after losing money, you are the real f*cking blackmailer!”

        Saying that, Charlie wade warned him with murderous intent, “If you want to renege on your debt, the next one to break off like this will be the one in your trousers!”

        William’s whole body was on the verge of collapse, cold sweat caused by the severe pain, snapping down his whole face.

        He knew that he had planted himself hard today, and finally understood that Charlie wade had actually been pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger before.

        But he was also really afraid that Charlie wade would scrap his roots.

        So, he could only grit his teeth and admit to it, and spoke, “Good! Charlie wade! You’re awesome! I submit to you!”

        Charlie wade sneered, “Don’t concede me, I don’t need you to concede either, just pay me the 2 billion euros first! It’s written here in black and white, I won’t spare you even if there’s a single cent missing!”

        “What?!” William roared in anger, “I just won you a billion! Now that I’ve lost two billion to you, at best, I owe you a billion!”

        Charlie wade said with a straight face, “You don’t have to be a rascal with me here, all the chips on that table are mine now, who did you win a billion from?”

        Saying that, Charlie wade smiled contemptuously and added: “Besides, chips are just a kind of plastic toy, not money, while this kind of IOU written on paper and signed, is the real meaning of money, do you understand?”

        William was furious and blurted out, “Charlie wade! Are you still a human being? There are so many people here who can testify to me! They are all eyewitnesses!”

        Charlie wade nodded, “No problem, you have your witnesses, I have my ironclad evidence!”

        After that, Charlie wade said, “Why don’t we just do this, tomorrow we’ll go to court in Northern Europe, you’ll call all your witnesses to court, I’ll show this note of yours in court and see how the court will judge!”

        He said, “Besides, let’s also let the people of Europe judge whether it is justified for you to owe me two billion euros in black and white, or whether it is more justified for you to unite with others to harm me, only to be killed by me in one fell swoop!

        As soon as William heard this, his whole face turned white with fear.

        And Charlie wade hadn’t finished.

        He looked at William and continued, “Oh yes, by the way, let the Nordic justice department also look into it, you cheated on a gambling game and tried to win me three billion euros plus a plane, such a big thing, according to the Nordic law, I wonder how many years will be sentenced?

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