The Real Dragon Chapter 3478

Olivia was so embarra*sed by this burial by Charlie wade that she wanted to snap a hole in the floor with her toes and burrow to the ground floor.

        How could she possibly wait for William to be released from prison?

        She can’t wait for William to get out of jail. She just wants to get rid of him!

        Otherwise, if he goes to prison, she won’t be in a good position either!

        George, William’s father, could hear Charlie wade’s sarcasm and ridicule, and seeing that Charlie wade was now completely unwilling to go private, his heart was already terrified to the extreme.

        He looked at Charlie wade and pleaded bitterly, “Mr. Wade, this matter is my fault for not teaching my son properly, as long as you name your conditions, no matter how difficult it is, I will find a way to meet your demands!”

        Charlie wade ignored him, but looked at William and said in a cold voice, “William, if you want me to give you a higher hand, you must first give an honest account of the whole matter, including who you made this decision with, and how many other people were your accomplices besides the dealer at the scene!”

        William hurriedly said, “No no no …… only the dealer is my accomplice …… he previously worked as a dealer in Las Vegas casinos for many years, gambling skills, so I often teamed up with him to win at similar parties Some pocket money …… This matter was conspired by the two of us from the beginning to the end, there was no third person’s involvement anymore.”

        Charlie wade said in a cold voice: “Is every word you say true? I’m warning you, if you don’t tell the truth in half a word, I’ll immediately call the police to deal with it! When the time comes, I will also have the Wade family put pressure on the Nordic judicial system and demand that you be sentenced severely!”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added: “And think carefully, if you are taken away by the police, then you may have to stay in jail for the rest of your life! At that time, I don’t care who the person you want to defend is, but you might not even have a chance to see her, and by then others will still be able to live their own dashing lives, while you, you will only be able to live with a barred window.”

        Hearing Charlie wade’s words, George took three or two steps to William and slapped him hard on the face again, shouting angrily, “What time is it that you still don’t tell the truth, do you really want to go to jail? It doesn’t matter if you go to jail yourself, but don’t drag our whole family down with you!”

        Deep inside, William was so panicked that he cried out, “I’m telling you! I’m telling you! I’m telling you now! The mastermind of this matter is also Olivia, and the two of us have discussed this matter together ……”

        When Olivia heard this, she burst into a rage, “William! Don’t you spit in your blood! This was all your idea alone, what has it got to do with me?”

        William said aggressively, “I did come up with the idea, but you were very supportive! And you also said that no matter how much money I earn 10%, I have to share half of it with you, and if I can win that Concorde from Charlie wade, you will have half of that plane too ……”

        “You’re talking nonsense!” Olivia didn’t expect that William would sell himself all out for fear of being investigated deeper!

        She was furious and yelled, “William! You’re still trying to bring me down at a time like this, I’ve lost my mind! There is no need to tie the knot tomorrow, I have nothing to do with you from now on!”

        Charlie wade looked at Olivia and said with a cold smile, “Olivia, if your Scandinavian police decide that you are indeed William’s accomplice, then you can’t get married even if you want to, even if you are an accessory, I’m afraid you will have to go to jail for a few years!”

        When Olivia heard this, she burst into tears and begged, “Mr. Wade, we have no enmity, there is no need to ruin my future, right? Or else you can name a price! No matter how much it is, as long as it’s within the royal family’s affordability, the royal family is willing to pay you back!”

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