The Real Dragon Chapter 3479

Seeing that Olivia had said so, George also hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, that’s what I mean too. As long as we can afford it, we will do it!”

        He pointed at William and Olivia and choked up, “Look, these two children are still very young, and Olivia will soon become the Nordic Queen, if this gets out, these two children’s lives will be ruined!”

        Charlie wade rubbed his chin in silence for a moment and laughed, “You are right, they are indeed still very young, so if I really want to ruin their future, I feel a bit sorry for them.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade sighed and said, “Ai! Looking at how pious you all are, I can choose to settle this matter privately, but it will depend on the attitude of your two families in solving the problem.”

        As soon as Charlie wade said this, the two families immediately understood the meaning of his words.

        Since it depended on the attitude, then naturally they had to show their sincerity.

        So, William’s father, George, immediately said, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, as long as you are willing to give me a hand, I will immediately pay you the two billion euros!”

        As he said this, George’s heart was dripping with blood.

        Their family only had a total of ten billion euros in a*sets, and they had originally promised the Nordic royal family that they would invest a large amount of money into the Nordic royal family’s properties after their marriage.

        Now, William had stirred up such a big mess, and the two billion euros had far exceeded their family’s cash flow reserves.

        George could only take the money he was going to invest in the royal family after the wedding and pay Charlie wade first.

        Hearing this, Charlie wade could not help but frown and asked him, “Your son already owes me two billion, it’s written in black and white, it’s only natural for you, as his father, to pay this debt for him, so why are you still licking your face and begging me for a higher hand?”

        George did not expect that two billion euros would not satisfy Charlie wade, so he could only ask him stiffly: “Wade …… Mr. Wade …… what exactly will satisfy you?”

        Charlie wade said indifferently, “If you want me to raise my hand, then in addition to this two billion, how can you also show some more sincerity in order to say.”

        George was so nervous that his voice trembled a little and asked softly, “How much do you want, Mr. Wade …… ……?”

        Charlie wade lightly said: “I also do not want much, in addition to this two billion euros owed, and then take three billion euros as spiritual compensation, five billion also sounds better.”

        George’s eyes blackened and said offhandedly, “Mr. Wade …… five …… five billion euros …… is …… not …… too much ……”

        Charlie wade asked rhetorically, “Is it much?”

        George almost collapsed and choked out, “Mr. Wade …… five billion euros is indeed too much …… we …… where can we get that much money ……”

        Charlie wade looked at Olivia and said indifferently, “Olivia, since you are also involved in this matter, then the five billion euros will be paid by both of your families together! As for how much each family will contribute, you will negotiate a percentage yourselves! In half an hour, I want to see five billion euros in my account!”

        Olivia froze at the sound of it and blurted out, “Charlie wade …… this matter, the William family is already willing to pay, how can we still ask our royal family to pay as well …… one thing, you can’t make double money, right? “

        Charlie wade nodded and said with a smile, “Olivia, you are really right, this matter, I just want to earn double money!”

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