The Real Dragon Chapter 3485

“One hundred and ten years old?!” The Queen muttered a dumbfounded repetition, she really couldn’t believe that this ordinary pill had such a powerful effect.

        However, once she thought of her own personal experience just now, she threw all her doubts to the wind.

        At this moment, she thought to herself, “This pill is just too amazing! I just took a quarter of it and woke up completely, if I could take a whole one, the effect would be even more miraculous!”

        Thinking of this, she said respectfully, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, from today onwards, I will definitely a*sist Helena with all my might and cooperate fully with Mr. Wade’s requests!”

        Only those who had come back from the dead knew how precious life was.

        For this aged Nordic empress, this was exactly the case.

        She had already experienced the feeling of being on the verge of death once, of that long darkness and loneliness, so for her now, living was more important than anything else.

        Money, power and dignity are all worthless in the face of a healthy existence.

        So what if the throne of the Queen? Wasn’t she the one who fell into a coma and was on the verge of death several times?

        Now she would rather not have the title of Queen, or even any royal title, as long as she could live a long and healthy life, she would be willing to be the most ordinary little old lady.

        So now, she immediately had the next most important goal in life, which was to strive to be able to obtain more magical pills from Charlie wade’s hands!

        “How can another two or three years of life be enough!”

        “Say what it takes to live another twenty to thirty years!”

        After a few minutes, the Queen gradually regained control of her body, and also felt that her physical condition had indeed improved a lot from before she fell ill this time.

        After only a few minutes of simple adaptation, she was able to sit up from the bed by herself and even attempted to complete the movement of getting down to the floor and standing up.

        At this moment, the Queen was inwardly thrilled, while her entire aura gradually recovered.

        It was because she had personally experienced the miraculous effects of the Revitalising Pill that the Empress already worshipped Charlie wade like a god in her heart. In order to satisfy him, the Empress hastily asked respectfully, “Mr Wade, what are your instructions regarding the punishment of Olivia’s family?”

        Charlie wade said indifferently, “I want you to use the royal family’s energy to expel Olivia from the royal family, and at the same time have them tried by the law, preferably with a life sentence without parole!”

        At first, when she heard Charlie wade say life imprisonment, the empress still felt vaguely intolerant in her heart, after all, none of the royal family members had been sentenced for so many years, let alone life imprisonment.

        However, when she thought that Olivia had actually brutalised herself to this extent step by step, and even tried to manipulate her life and death, her heart also grew angrier and she spoke in an unkind tone, “Helena, you go and call the head of the Royal Guard over, it’s time to settle the score with Olivia!”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and spoke, “Don’t bother, Olivia should come over on her own accord soon.”

        Helena looked at the time and found that Charlie wade had just left Olivia half an hour to think about it, and now twenty minutes had pa*sed.

        She then asked, “Mr. Wade, if Olivia agrees to your request, will you be lenient with her?”

        Charlie wade waved his hand, “Don’t worry, there is no way she would agree to my demands, I believe she would be more willing to take me out than to honestly give me the five billion euros.”

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