The Real Dragon Chapter 3486

Charlie wade became an orphan at the age of eight, and after so many years in society, he had experienced the cruelty and gloom of society.

        He knew very well that in the real world, the four words “money comes first” had always been an unchanging truth for many people.

        Therefore, when he offered William and Olivia 5 billion euros, he did not expect them to agree.

        The reason why he left them half an hour to think about it was to force them to move to kill.

        He had deliberately chosen this time to save the Queen, in order to push William and Olivia to the breaking point.

        If they decided to accept his terms and come up honestly, then he would show them some mercy for the sake of the five billion euros.

        But if they decided to kill themselves, then in front of the Queen, they would definitely go out of their way to kill her as well.

        In that case, they would be pushing themselves into the abyss of eternal doom with their own hands.

        The Queen did not know the exact situation, and when she heard Charlie wade’s words, she asked with a shocked expression, “Mr. Wade, why did Olivia make a move against you? What is this all about?”

        Charlie wade was about to speak when he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps coming rapidly from far and near, a smile wiped across his face and he faintly said, “They are already here, why don’t we let Olivia tell you the reason herself.”

        Neither Helena nor the Queen had heard the footsteps at that moment, and both of them had a slightly puzzled expression.

        A few moments later, the footsteps grew louder and louder, and both the grandchildren were filled with shock when they heard them.

        At that moment, the door of the ward was kicked open and a dozen men in black came rushing in with great force!

        But when they came in and saw the Queen standing on the floor, who did not look sick at all, they were all dumbfounded.

        At that moment, Olivia also rushed into the room and ordered in a cold voice, “Tie up that Wade!”

        As soon as the words left her mouth, she suddenly saw the empress standing with Charlie wade and was struck by lightning.

        The father and son, Richard and George William, who followed closely behind, also saw the rosy-cheeked empress, who looked like a healthy old man, and were shocked speechless.

        After a few seconds, Richard came back to his senses and subconsciously said, “Ma …… you …… how did you wake up?!”

        The Queen questioned in a cold voice, “What? Are you surprised that I’m awake? Or do you simply not want me to wake up?”

        Richard hurriedly explained, “Mom …… how could you think that …… I am your son, all these days when you were in a coma, I was looking forward to you waking up sooner ……”

        Olivia also reacted, and although in her heart she was extremely annoyed about the Queen’s awakening, her mouth still pretended to be excited and said, “Grandma! You don’t know how much Daddy and I have been worried about you all this time …… We’ve been afraid that you would never wake up again ……”

        The Queen’s eyes were sharp as a knife, staring into Olivia’s eyes, and her voice was cold as she said, “Olivia, stop acting, for so many days, did you think I was really in a coma? In fact, I know everything that happened around me, I remember every word that everyone said around me!”

        Olivia’s face went instantly white!

        She hadn’t really thought that the old lady had been conscious the whole time she was unconscious!

        In that case, every word she had said to Helena earlier had been heard by her ……

        Thinking of this, Olivia hurriedly and nervously explained, “Grandma, listen to my explanation, many things are actually misunderstandings, some of the things I said to Helena were actually just deliberately scaring her and trying to force her to trade for the royal family, it’s not the truth ……”

        The Queen said contemptuously, “Olivia, I have already been deceived by you once and nearly died by your hands, do you think I will still believe what you are saying now?”

        Olivia was instantly nervous.

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