The Real Dragon Chapter 3505

Helena nodded gently and said softly, “I heard Feb wade talk about it, he was very angry every time he mentioned this matter ……”

        “Yes ……” Charlie wade smiled lightly, “He must have been very angry, otherwise he wouldn’t have been hostile to me.”

        Helena looked at Charlie wade and asked, “Mr. Wade, how did you later convince yourself to accept these gifts from the Wade family?”

        Charlie wade laughed to himself, “I was penniless, my saviour was waiting for money to cure his illness, and my wife had been bullied in the family, so even if I had some poor boy ambition myself, reality simply wouldn’t allow me to refuse.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade sighed lightly and lamented, “I thought at that time, even if not for myself, even for the sake of my life-saving benefactor and my wife, I still had to accept the gift from the Wade family, so I took over that group, and used that ten billion cash from the Wade family to pay the medical bills of my life-saving benefactor, and then I went step by step to where I am today, and I am where I am today, thanks to that initial gift.”

        Helena said seriously, “Mr. Wade, the Wade family only gave you a group and ten billion dollars in cash at the beginning, but your current strength is far beyond this amount of a*sets, so I think that you will be able to succeed with or without this gift from the Wade family!”

        “It’s not really possible.” Charlie wade shook his head and said seriously, “Helena, fate is something that is sometimes very magical and subtle. …”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added: “Have you ever thought about the possibility that your usual insignificant decision could subconsciously change yourself, or change other people’s lives?”

        Helena said blankly, “Mr. Wade, I don’t know much about fate and destiny ……”

        Charlie wade said blandly, “If you see a person crossing the road and being hit by a taxi, you can try to push the life trajectory of the person who was hit and killed, and the driver who hit him forward by ten seconds, ten minutes, ten hours, or even ten days.”

        Helena asked in confusion, “Mr. Wade, what does it mean to push the life trajectory forward?”

        Charlie wade said blandly, “It means what both of them were doing before the incident.”

        After a pause, Charlie wade added, “It’s possible that ten seconds before the accident, you happened to pa*s by the roadside and that driver was distracted because he was attracted by your beauty, thus causing that car accident.”

        “It’s also possible that ten minutes before, you took a taxi with another person and that driver chose to stop right in front of you because he saw that you were prettier, and you got in and told him to drive the car near where it happened, and that’s how he got into that accident.”

        “It could also be that ten hours earlier, you uploaded a video of you on a short video platform and this pedestrian’s friend saw it and forwarded it to him, and after he watched it he thought you were pretty, so he couldn’t get you out of his mind and even crossed the road with that short video of you in his head, and that’s what caused him to get distracted and get hit by a car. “

        Speaking of this, Charlie wade shrugged his shoulders and said, “This is the fate I’m talking about, but the actual situation may be far more complicated than this kind of what I’m talking about, for example, if I hadn’t taken the money from the Wade family back then, there’s no way I could have afforded to buy a BMW car to give to my wife, if I hadn’t bought that car, my father-in-law wouldn’t have hijacked it, and if he hadn’t hijacked it, he wouldn’t have asked me to be his driver and let me drive him to see an expensive antique vase ……

        When he said this, Charlie wade shook his head and smiled, naturally omitting the incidental acquisition of the Nine Mystic Scriptures at Jiqing Hall, and continued, “Without that, you and I would never have crossed paths in our lives, much less sit in the same car as we are at this moment.”

        It seemed to him that fate was so magical.

        Everything, in the dark, influences each other, and no one knows how one’s decision will affect one’s future.

        Helena naturally did not understand the relationship behind Charlie wade’s remark.

        She said with a bewildered expression, “Mr. Wade, I don’t understand why you have to link your fate to a BMW car or even an antique vase ……”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly, “All you need to know is that without that BMW car and without that antique vase, it would have been enough for us to have never met in this life.”

        Helena was confused, but looked at Charlie wade with some shame and gathered the courage to ask him, “Mr. Wade, each of the three analogies you just made seems to have triggered that car accident because of my looks …… Do you really think I am beautiful?”

        Charlie wade didn’t think much about it and said casually, “Yes it’s pretty, whether from the aesthetics of Westerners or Easterners, you should be considered very pretty.”

        Helena turned sideways and stared closely at Charlie wade from close range, her big eyes rippling in the night as she gathered the courage to ask him softly, “Mr. Wade …… If …… you really think I’m beautiful, then you …… willing …… to kiss me?”

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