The Real Dragon Chapter 3507

Charlie wade was speechless for a moment.

        Among his confidants, apart from Stephanie, whom he had known since childhood, the others, Jasmine, whom he had known for the longest time, was actually only a year or so.

        The time he had known Nanae Ito, Zara and Xion was actually even shorter.

        Seeing Charlie wade’s silence, Helena said emotionally, “Mr. Wade, the reason why I am backing out of the battle is not that I am really afraid of being the Queen, I am just afraid that after being the Queen, I will not have the chance to meet you again …… Instead of that, I would rather not be this Queen, I would rather take my mother to live in China, so that at least I can still can be closer to you!”

        The most important thing is that you should focus more on how to revitalize the Nordic royal family, just like my biggest goal now is no longer to live a good life with my wife, but to inherit my father’s legacy and bring the Wade family to flourish.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade asked her, “If I’m not wrong, when your father was alive, he would have wanted you to inherit the great lineage, right?”

        As soon as Charlie wade said this, Helena’s psychological defences instantly broke and tears rolled down her eyes.

        She thought of her own ill-fated father.

        In order to be able to inherit the throne and achieve the highest goal of a member of the royal family, he had gone out of his way to hide his congenital disease for twenty years.

        In his mind, he would have considered his life complete even if he could be queen for one day.

        And now, he himself was only three days away from the fulfilment he had in mind.

        Thinking of this, she also finally understood that the Charlie wade in front of her had also long ago stopped putting her children’s love in the first place.

        Shame and loss were caught in the mix, causing Helena to burst into tears.

        She looked towards Charlie wade and nodded her head while shedding tears, “Mr. Wade, I understand …… don’t worry, I will definitely follow my father’s legacy and carry the royal family forward just like you ……”

        Charlie wade nodded and spoke, “Helena, you just said that I have so many confidants, but fundamentally speaking, every one of them is different from me, but you are the only one who is in the same category as me.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade said with a serious expression, “We were all once raised in a big family, but then suffered a lot of hardships that ordinary people didn’t; we were all once extremely sheltered by our parents, while watching them die with hatred; and now, we are all carrying the banner left by our father, ready to charge up the positions that our father failed to charge up before ……”

        When Charlie wade said this, he paused slightly, looked at Helena and said seriously, “The only difference between the two of us is that I am ready to charge, as the saying goes, although millions of people, I will go on! No matter what or how many people you are standing in my way, I, Charlie wade, will never take another step back when I carry this banner left behind by my father! You, on the other hand, still seem to be cowering in front of the line, hesitant as to whether or not you should charge!”

        Seeing the righteousness in Charlie wade’s eyes, Helena’s heart lit up with the same hot flame.

        Wiping away her tears, she said loudly to Charlie wade, “Mr Wade, I have made up my mind! I will carry my father’s banner just like you did! Like you said, I will go on despite the millions of people!”

        Charlie wade nodded with a smile on his face, extended his hand to Helena and smiled, “Helena, now we are comrades!”

        Helena subconsciously extended her hand and shook Charlie wade’s, then asked with a red face, “Comrade, what about what I like about you?”

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