The Real Dragon Chapter 3516

For these treacherous Wade family’s side lines, Charlie wade had long thought of a full set of plans to deal with them, and the reason he had rushed back from Northern Europe without stopping was to settle all these side branches in one step.

        When Stephen Thompson heard this series of Charlie wade’s plans, he was shocked and felt extraordinarily relieved at the same time.

        Although he was not a member of the Wade family, he was furious to see that the Wade family’s collateral branches, who usually relied on the Wade family for help, had fled in the night at a time when the Wade family’s life and death were at stake.

        However, Stephen Thompson did not expect that Charlie wade would be so ruthless, and according to this situation, he was really going to cut off half of the family’s a*sets.

        Seeing Stephen Thompson’s complicated expression at this moment, Charlie wade asked him, “Housekeeper Stephen, do you think I have been too harsh to them?”

        Stephen Thompson pondered for a moment and spoke, “Back to young master, if we are talking about the severity of the punishment alone, it is indeed a bit harsh, after all, it is half of the family fortune, which is hard for any person to accept ……”

        The young master’s a*sets have been accumulated by the Wade family, and since they have betrayed their trust at a critical moment, it is only right that the Wade family should take back a portion of their a*sets. supplement.”

        Charlie wade smiled lightly and said seriously, “Housekeeper Stephen, in fact, I am not really punishing them this time for the sake of the a*sets they are holding, I mainly think that the loyalty of these people to the Wade Family is too low, so low that it is outrageous, so I must take this opportunity to fix them properly with a heavy hand.”

        Speaking of this, Charlie wade said with a serious expression, “This time, I have to make them understand that when they take up this bowl of rice from the Wade Family, they have to be like those ancient va*sal kings and have a sufficient sense of loyalty to the king! Anyone who dares to play with me by picking up the bowl to eat and putting down the chopsticks to curse his mother, I will make him pay a painful price!”

        Stephen Thompson nodded with deep understanding and sighed, “Your Lordship has been too lenient with these side branches, always thinking that they have been loyal enough to the Wade family, so he has not seldom given them a share of the profits, but in the end, it is all an illusion in a peaceful and prosperous time, when things really go wrong, their true nature will be seen immediately. “

        The Charlie wade said: “They are just like the ancient emperor’s va*sal kings in the various fiefdoms, if you want to be a qualified va*sal king, you must have the basic consciousness of eating the king’s salary and sharing the king’s worries, but also have a good grasp of the scale and proportion, not to threaten the ruling position of the monarch, and not to retreat when the monarch needs it. “

        Said, Charlie wade added: “Every one of them is in a similar situation, cash can only account for a maximum of 20% of all a*sets, and there are even some branches that have less than 10% of their total a*sets in cash reserves, even if they hand over all their cash, they are still a long way from the 50% I require, so this time I will let the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons go first and force them to sign an agreement for installment payments , and then use that agreement to tie them up deeply.”

        “However, I won’t force them to death, as long as they hand over their cash a*sets and sign an installment agreement as I ask, the Wade family can still give them some of their resources and let them continue to follow the Wade family to make money.”

        “At that time, when they try to follow the Wade family to make money, they are essentially trying to pay back the debt they owe me. “

        When Stephen Thompson heard this, he exclaimed with a look of admiration, “Young master, this is indeed a very clever move of yours! In this way, these side branches will no longer be defeated children who only reach out to the family, forcing them hard and making them start to do something for the family!”

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