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The Real Dragon Chapter 3517

  “That’s right.” Charlie wade sneered, “This time, to put it bluntly, we want to take the opportunity to cut down the clan, to bring down the strength of these clan kings, in this way, in the future, they will have a hard time, but our good days, are just beginning!”

        Just as Charlie wade was about to arrive at Wade Lingshan, a group of Wan Bajun’s men had already taken over two hundred billion RMB in cash from the hands of over seven hundred Wade family side branches.

        However, this was still only one-fifth of all the net a*sets of the Wade Family’s side branches.

        According to statistics, the a*sets of all the Wade Family branches combined were almost one trillion.

        In this way, almost all of the side branches of the Wade Family had taken out all of their cash, but still owed at least 30% of the personal a*sets of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

        Just when these people didn’t know what to do with the rest of this portion, Wan Xiaojun had already received Charlie wade’s instructions and spoke, “I see that you all still have a big gap in cash, what are you going to do next to pay for the rest of this portion?”

        The crowd was instantly silent.

        No one dared to take him up on his words, because everyone knew that there was only one way left, and that was to sell their a*sets to raise money to save their lives.

        Selling a*sets was easy to say, but it was the least cost effective way.

        The reason is that any a*set that is sold has to be sold at a significant discount in order to be sold quickly.

        It may take a month to sell a property with a market value of $10 million at $10 million, but if you want to realise it in a day, you have to get the price down to at least $900, or even $8 million, to make it possible.

        The a*sets would be discounted, but not the debt, so that would cost them far more than the original 50%!

        Moreover, what’s even worse about selling off the a*sets is that it would seriously damage their original income structure.

        In the case of Dexter wade, he had a building materials enterprise that was very famous in the country, and most of the various construction materials it produced were directly supplied to the Wade family’s property projects as well as production bases across the country.

        With the help and support of the Wade family, this enterprise now has annual sales of more than ten billion yuan and a net profit of more than one billion yuan, so it can be said that it is a hen that can lay golden eggs.

        But if they were forced to sell, not only would the price of the a*sets be greatly reduced, but Dexter wade himself would also lose this source of revenue, which would be like killing a chicken to get its eggs.

        Everyone else’s situation was not far off, no one could afford to pay out that much cash to Wan Long Temple, and no one wanted to sell their core a*sets at a low price.

        Wan Bajun took in the performance of these people and knew in his heart that what they feared the most was forcing them to sell their a*sets to come up with enough compensation, so he spoke up, “You guys don’t say that I don’t leave you alive, now, all the funds you owe can be paid in instalments on a cycle of one to five years.”

        As soon as they heard that they could pay in instalments, everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief.

        The fact that they could pay in instalments meant that they did not need to sell their a*sets and could use their a*sets to make money to slowly pay off their debts, so that it would not hurt them.

        But to no one’s surprise, Wan Breaking Jun added immediately afterwards, “However, the instalment payments are not free! For every instalment you make, you must pay six thousandths of the total amount as a service fee for the instalments!”

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