The Real Dragon Chapter 3519

These members of the Wade family’s side lineage recognised Charlie wade, and someone immediately cursed out, “D*mn Charlie wade! What the hell do you mean? Joining forces with others to pit your own family, right?”

        “Gra*s! I really didn’t expect that you, as the son of Bruce wade, would become someone else’s lackey!”

        “Charlie wade! Are you a f*cking Wade family member or not! You’re not even a member of your own family, who the hell are you!”

        It was no wonder that these members of the Wade family’s side line were angry.

        Originally, they wanted to settle the matter within two or three instalments, in which case the interest would not be much.

        But the moment Charlie wade opened his mouth, he suggested that Wan Breaking Jun start with sixty installments, which was simply killing people.

        The interest rate for one instalment was six thousandths, and for sixty instalments, that was thirty-six percent!

        Calculated according to the method of the principal being paid back less and less, the actual interest rate for these sixty instalments would be over 100%!

        Therefore, they naturally did not have any good attitude towards Charlie wade.

        At this moment, this group of members of the Wade family’s side lineage all regarded Charlie wade as a traitor to the Wade family, plus they had been kneeling here since early in the morning, and Charlie wade, who was the first son and grandson of the Wade family, had even strutted over and shouted that he wanted to cut flesh from them, so they naturally did not have any good attitude either.

        Seeing that these people had dared to scold Charlie wade, Wan Bajun was immediately furious and was about to greet the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall and slap their mouths.

        However, Charlie wade shook his head slightly at him and said indifferently, “Hall Master Wan doesn’t need to pay attention to the filthy words of this bunch of villains first, let’s let them sign the sixty installment agreement first.”

        Knowing that Charlie wade was trying to put on a show, Wan Bajun nodded his head cooperatively and said, “You are right, in that case, I will then order someone to prepare the contract!”

        I happen to know a barrister back from the US, why don’t I ask him to make a model contract, then we only need to fill in the information of Party A and Party B, make an electronic signature and it will be effective, saving time and effort, and it is also Green!”

        When the members of the side branches of the Wade family heard this, they all exploded in anger.

        Dexter wade couldn’t help but curse angrily, “Charlie wade! You …… you beast! You are simply heartless and beastly to help outsiders to trap your own people!”

        Charlie wade sneered, “Who is one of our own with you? Are you worthy?”

        Dexter wade gritted his teeth and said, “We are all descendants of the Wade family! What are we if not our own people?”

        Other members of the Wade family’s side lineage were also filled with righteous indignation, some cursed Charlie wade for being shameless, others cursed Charlie wade for recognizing a thief as his father.

        Charlie wade did not take these insults lightly, and asked back with a bemused expression, “You are saying that I have betrayed my own people, but since you are your own people, why did you run away the night before last?”

        With a single sentence, Charlie wade asked the 700 people present, frozen on the spot, not knowing how to respond.

        Charlie wade then asked rhetorically, “If you are your own people, why did you all run away in one night, despite the ancestral ceremony and the love of the Wade family, and even despite the fact that someone wanted to rob the Wade family’s ancestral tomb? I would have f*cking let out over seven hundred pigs in Eastcliff City, they couldn’t have all run out of Eastcliff before one night!”

        “On the other hand, you shameless people are all running faster than dogs! They all ran out of Eastcliff in one night, and the fastest of them even took a f*cking plane out of China overnight!”

        “I ask you, when you ran away overnight, why didn’t you think we were your own people?”

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