The Real Dragon Chapter 3520

Charlie wade’s rhetorical question rendered Dexter wade speechless.

        The others who had just been filled with righteous indignation also instantly wilted at this moment.

        In their hearts, they knew very well that when they had fled Eastcliff overnight the day before, they had completely disregarded their kinship and did not want to be dragged down by the Wade family at all.

        Therefore, when Charlie wade had pitted them in front of Wan Xiaojun, they could only gulp their teeth down in their stomachs.

        However, at this moment, they were already madly hating Charlie wade in their hearts.

        Seeing the expressions of this group of fellow clansmen, all as if they wanted to eat themselves, Charlie wade didn’t feel awkward at all, but instead had a pleasant expression on his face, which even made the group so angry that they vomited blood.

        Many of them were even secretly calculating in their hearts that after this matter had pa*sed, they would have to find a way to teach Charlie wade a good lesson!

        Wan Bajun spoke up at this time and stated, “I think a 60 installment payment is a very good choice, this way, you gang won’t have to have too much financial pressure!”

        Without hesitation, he waved his hand and said, “In that case, all of you should sign a 60 instalment contract, and the contract should be signed electronically, so that it is convenient and quick! It’s settled, hurry up and land!”

        The members of the Wade family’s side lineage present in the room were instantly wailing.

        Sixty instalments, at an effective interest rate of nearly 100%, so that what was actually handed over to the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall in the end was not 50% of the a*sets, but at least 70%!

        The only good thing was that a large part of this was paid in instalments, and although the interest rate was high, the time given was more generous, which was equivalent to making money while paying off the bill.

        In that case, they would basically be helping Wan Long Temple make money within the next 5 years, with absolutely no hope of turning over in a short period of time.

        Dexter wade looked at Wan Bajun and could not help but lament, “Master Wan, why do you have to ask us to sign another contract? Even if there was no contract, we wouldn’t dare to rely on the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall!”

        Dexter wade’s words were actually asked in the heart of Wan Breaking Jun.

        He also wondered in his heart, since Charlie wade wanted Wan Long Temple to do this kind of unseen thing, then he should just hand it all over to Wan Long Temple, and if Wan Long Temple came forward to demand the debt, these people would definitely not dare not pay.

        However, the strange thing was that Charlie wade had asked the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall to do this kind of coercion, yet he still had to ask them to sign an agreement, which made Wan Bajun somewhat confused.

        Charlie wade could also see Wan Breaking Jun’s puzzlement, so he spoke, “Hall Master Wan, in the future, their debts will have to be continuously repaid for five years, and during these five years, all kinds of changes could easily occur.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added, “If there was no contract, all of this would have to be personally collected by the Wan Long Hall, whereas with a contract, apart from the Wan Long Hall personally collecting the debt, it can also be collected through legal means, so that both hands can be used together.”

        Subsequently, Charlie wade looked at the members of this group of Wade family’s side branches and spoke, “I am worried that they will be poorly run in the next few years and thus unable to continue paying this instalment, and when that time comes, there is nothing that the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall can do if they break the pot.”

        “In addition, I am also worried that they will quietly transfer their a*sets and flee and run away, and if they do run away, I am afraid that it will be really difficult for the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall to settle them for a while.”

        “However, if there is a contract, as long as they have any wind, I can defend the rights of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall through legal means, at that time I can directly submit the contract to the court and apply to freeze all their a*sets, so that they can’t take a single dime away!”

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