The Real Dragon Chapter 3544

 Charlie wade’s appearance caused Zara’s eyes to brighten up at once.

        She looked at Charlie wade in surprise and said offhandedly, “You’re here, benefactor ……”

        Charlie wade nodded, and Lord Banks, who was beside her, also said with immense excitement, “Mr. Wade …… thank you for your generosity ……”

        Charlie wade waved his hand indifferently.

        He was not being magnanimous towards Lord Banks, it was just that Lord Banks had already honestly handed over the position of the Banks family’s head and would no longer pose any threat to himself from now on, and after Zara inherited the Banks family, his old and new grudges with the Banks family would also be wiped out, so there was no need for him to continue to make things difficult for Lord Banks in this matter.

        He then said to Lord Banks, “After Master Banks arrives in Madagascar, I will not interfere in any way with what you do there, and as long as you don’t do anything wrong, I won’t disturb your life there.”

        Lord Banks was like being pardoned and bowed, “Thank you, Mr. Wade! Thank you, Mr. Wade!”

        Charlie wade looked at Zara and said, “Miss Banks, in the next two days, you should hurry to choose the person who will follow Master to Madagascar, and at the same time, send two real estate agents to Madagascar to buy the estate that meets Master’s requirements.

        Zara said without a second thought, “Okay Your Excellency, I will start on these two things this evening.”

        Charlie wade nodded gently, then said to Lord Banks, “Old master, you are going to such a faraway place alone, it must be rather painful without a family member around you, your second son James is still being held by me in Aurous Hill, once your side is all ready, bring your second son along with you, I have the same requirements for him as you, he must not leave Madagascar without my permission, let alone No return to the country.”

        Once Lord Banks heard that Charlie wade was going to release James to go with him, he was in a much better mood all of a sudden.

        As Charlie wade had said, it must also be a painful feeling to go to Madagascar alone, with no family other than his subordinates, and if his second son could go with him, it would be a good thing for him and for himself.

        So, he said with immense gratitude, “Thank you, Mr Wade, for your generosity, I thank you for James!”

        Charlie wade nodded and said to Zayne, “He’s family is still waiting for you, tonight you’ll stay in the same room as Master He, early tomorrow morning, you’ll drive back to Aurous Hill with them.”

        Previously when the He family escorted Zayne and Jerold to Beijing in secret, they had driven all the way here, and Xion, because of her special status, had also chosen to drive with her mother He Yingxiu to Eastcliff overnight, so they would also be driving back this time, so Charlie wade planned to also let Zayne go with them.

        Zayne had nothing against the He family, on the contrary, he was truly relieved when he knew that he would have to live under the surveillance of the He family in the future, so there was even less dissatisfaction at this time and said honestly, “Okay Mr. Wade, I understand.”

        Charlie wade turned to have Don Albert greeted and had Don Albert bring Zayne to Elder He’s room.

        He then said to Lord Banks, “Old master, you have a good attitude today, since that’s the case, then I will give you more freedom, you can go back to the Banks family tonight, tomorrow it’s the right time to hold a family meeting to make an official announcement to the outside world about Miss Banks becoming the head of the Banks family, in the period before you depart, you can move freely in Eastcliff, but you can’t leave Eastcliff, you can’t play missing. You can’t play missing, do you understand?”

        Once Lord Banks heard Charlie wade say that he could go home and rest for two days, his heart was immediately grateful and he choked up and said, “Mr. Wade, thank you for being so generous to my old bones …… Banks is grateful ……”

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