The Real Dragon Chapter 3587

        “No, no, no. ……” Lai Qinghua(Exoer) said humbly, “I am far from being as magical as you say, Young Master Wade, the trigrams can only reveal the general trend, but the specific information contained in them needs to be logically analyzed in the context of the actual The situation needs to be analyzed logically.”

        After saying that, Lai Qinghua(Exoer) added: “At the beginning, I had told you on Mount Wade Ling that your fall to Aurous Hill was a dragon trapped in the shallows, but after the Great Dragon Trapping Formation was broken, you had lost the bondage of the shallow talk, and at that time I suggested that you return to Eastcliff so that only then would you be a dragon entering the sea. “

        “Yes.” Charlie wade smiled, “I’ve been living in Aurous Hill for a longer time, so I’m kind of used to it and don’t want to move to change easily.”

        Lai Qinghua(Exoer) smiled, “This time, the outside world is all abuzz with rumours that the Wade family is about to suffer a great calamity, if the Wade family really fell in this way, then your trigram would be that of a tiger falling into the sun, a dragon trapped in the shallows, or even a heavenly dragon falling, but your trigram shows a great auspicious illumination of a dragon entering the sea, so I presumed that this time, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall killing on the Wade family must have sent you a once-in-a-lifetime good opportunity. “

        At this point, Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) added: “I thought that although Young Master Wade has the destiny of the Dragon Grid, it is by no means easy for him to take charge of the Wade Family without any external interference! As the saying goes, it takes more than one day to freeze three feet of ice. The Wade family has accumulated so many years of family business, so many years to build up the power and management structure, even if a person is strong enough, if he wants to hold on to power, he needs to figure it out slowly, and the only chance for you to ascend to the top is when a strong enemy comes. “

        Charlie wade said with admiration, “Old Mr. Lai(Exoer) is not only an extraordinary diviner, but his ability to analyse logically is even more admirable!”

        Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) said, “Young Master Wade, you have praised me! I have only eaten a few bowls of rice more than others, so I dare not show off my skills in front of you!”

        Charlie wade laughed: “Old Mr. Lai(Exoer) you must not say that, I am just a junior in front of you ……”

        Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) laughed: “Young Master Wade, there is no need for you and I to boast about each other here.

        Charlie wade said, “Mr. Lai(Exoer), I can’t say I have any orders, I just have a favor to ask you.”

        Lai Qinghua(Exoer) said, “Young Master Wade, you gave me this ten years of my life, so if you need anything, just give me an order and I will do my best to do it!”

        Charlie wade smiled and said, “I am planning to hold an auction in Aurous Hill at the end of the month, so I will take out one or two Spring Return Pills and auction them off at the auction.”

        When Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) heard the words Spring Return Pills, he was shocked beyond belief and said, “Young Master Wade …… you …… have just inherited the Wade family, you could never be short of money, why would you want to auction such a precious Spring Return Pills ah! “

        At the beginning, Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) spent four years building the Wade Ling Mountain for the Wade family in order to find the birth gate of his destiny, which led to the gift of a Spring Return Pill from Charlie wade, so not many people knew better than him how high the value of the Spring Return Pill really was.

        Once he heard Charlie wade say that he wanted to auction the Spring Return Pill, he couldn’t understand it at all, Charlie wade would never be short of money, so how could he take out such a precious immortal medicine for some kind of auction?

        Charlie wade then laughed: “Auctioning the Spring Return Pill is not because of a lack of money, mainly because Aurous Hill is a place you know, although it is the ancient capital of the six dynasties and full of heritage, but the economic development over the years is really a bit behind, not too strong presence in the country, and even less known internationally ……”

        “So, through this auction, I want to give Aurous Hill some more exposure overseas, and by the way, attract some top tycoons to invest and buy property in Aurous Hill!”

        Speaking of this, Charlie wade said seriously, “Nowadays, it’s not popular to talk about bending and overtaking, so I also want to let Aurous Hill take a bend and see the effect!”

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