The Real Dragon Chapter 3588

After hearing Charlie wade’s explanation, Lai Qinghua(Exoer) instantly fully comprehended Charlie wade’s intentions, and even the deeper intentions that Charlie wade had not said, he was able to fully appreciate.

        He knew that Charlie wade’s use of the Spring Return Pill for the auction was by no means just to give Aurous Hill more exposure, there must be a deeper intention in this.

        Charlie wade, too, had always had a thought hidden in his heart that he had not told anyone about.

        He wanted to hold this auction because he wanted to use the perfect bait, the Spring Return Pill, to attract step by step the richest and most powerful group of people in this world.

        To him, the Spring Return Pill was like a top-notch nesting material sprinkled in the water when fishing.

        With the nest made with this top-notch nesting material, not only would the unusual fish, as well as the normally rare big fish, be attracted to him, but even those behemoths that were normally hidden deep in the deepest and darkest places would definitely be attracted to him.

        These behemoths were much more cunning than ordinary fish, and it was likely that one nesting session would not be enough to attract them over.

        It was for this reason that Charlie wade had to keep the auction going on and on.

        If they didn’t come after hitting the nest once, or twice, by the third time, they might not be able to hold back.

        These behemoths were the ones who knew and mastered the rules of how this world worked best.

        They abide by the laws of the dark forest as described in the science fiction novel “Three Bodies”, and are the hunters with guns who stalk through this dark forest.

        Moreover, they always carry guns to hide in the shadows, conceal themselves and build up their energy, and never reveal themselves even when they shoot to kill.

        But with a miracle pill like the Spring Return Pill as bait, they would never be able to hide forever!

        In addition, Charlie wade had set the rule that the Spring Return Pill had to be auctioned and taken on the spot, so once all of the big and powerful were interested in the Spring Return Pill, they would have to show themselves and come to Aurous Hill in person!

        And once they couldn’t control the temptation to come out of the darkness, they would have violated the great taboo of the Dark Forest Law and would be exposed to Charlie wade’s field of vision, or even to Charlie wade’s sniper range!

        What Charlie wade wanted to do was to make these behemoths hidden in the Dark Forest reveal themselves, and replace them as the strongest hunters hidden in the Dark Forest!

        If there were any hidden enemies among these behemoths, Charlie wade could also hide in the shadows and launch a fatal strike directly.

        At this moment, Lai Qinghua(Exoer) also smacked out this intention of Charlie wade.

        But he didn’t say anything, instead he said with a smile, “Young Master Wade, your idea to overtake the world is really brilliant. By attracting them to Aurous Hill, I’m afraid that it won’t take long for Aurous Hill’s economy to achieve a huge explosion!”

        Charlie wade laughed, “That is indeed my plan, that is why I need you, Mr. Lai(Exoer), to help me promote the place in the United States, besides Europe, I am afraid that the place with the most hidden wealth in the world is the United States.”

        I’m not going to lie, Young Master Wade, but many people in the US have asked me how I came back from four years in China at the end of my life, but I’m getting younger and younger, including Mai Chengxing, who has asked me to explain more than once. It would be great if I could tell you!”

        After that, he added, “Since Young Master Wade is prepared to use the Spring Return Pill to add to the Golden Tomb, then I should do my part too! Don’t worry, from today onwards, I will tell all the rich people I know about the Spring Return Pill. With this actual case of me speaking out, and with my lifelong divination and fortune-telling skills as my backing, I believe they will be rushing to the Spring Return Pill!”

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