The Real Dragon Chapter 3589

       Charlie wade laughed, “That couldn’t be better!”

        He said, Charlie wade added: “Right, Mr. Lai(Exoer), when you tell the public about the Spring Return Pill, don’t mention my identity, just say that you found the Spring Return Pill in China, and this time, I heard that a mysterious person is going to put the Spring Return Pill up for auction in Aurous Hill. This news will be officially announced.”

        “Good!” Lai Qinghua(Exoer) said without hesitation, “I will take care of this matter, don’t worry, Young Master Wade!”

        Charlie wade thanked him, “Then I thank Old Mr. Lai(Exoer), I will reserve a VIP seat for Old Mr. Lai(Exoer) at the auction, so please come over and guide my junior’s work!”

        I’m afraid that the world auction record will be set, although I have not made much money in my life, but compared to the richest group of people in the world, it’s just a drop in the bucket. ……”

        The first thing you need to do is to come to the auction. You can just come and support the auction at that time, and my junior will definitely have a generous gift to give at that time!”

        When Lai Qing Hua(Exoer)(Exoer) heard this, he said nervously, “Young Master Wade …… …… Lao Fu …… Lao Fu did not mean that …… you need Lao Fu to support the venue. I’ll be happy to die! When the time comes, I will definitely go to hara*s you, but I would never dare to accept your big gift ……”

        Charlie Wade didn’t explain much and smiled slightly, “Old man, we are also considered forgetful friends, so I won’t be so formal with you, I will send you an invitation at that time, if you have time, it will be hard for you to make a trip!”

        “Good!” Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) said without hesitation, “Young Master Qing Ye, don’t worry, I will be there! I guarantee that in less than two days, all the wealthy people in America will be desperate to find out what the Spring Return Pill is!”

        Lai Qing Hua(Exoer)’s words made Charlie wade vaguely excited.

        Moreover, to this old gentleman, Charlie wade was also very grateful in his heart.

        Although he and he, himself, had only met on one side, but fate had allowed Lai Qinghua(Exoer) to spend four years to help himself out of his predicament.

        Although he was also looking for his own birthright, it was an established fact that others had helped him, so Charlie wade was naturally grateful to him.

        A rejuvenation pill can make a healthy old man twenty years younger and increase his life expectancy by twenty years, but for a hundred-year-old man like Lai Qing Hua(Exoer), there were too many accumulated illnesses in his body, and when that rejuvenation pill was taken last time, almost half of the medicinal power was used to treat those old illnesses, so at most, he could only live for ten more years.

        If he were to be given another Spring Return Pill, he would be able to live at least another ten to twenty years.

        Therefore, Charlie wade had already made up his mind that when Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) came to Aurous Hill this time, he would give him another Spring Return Pill.

        After all, it was nothing to him.

        In the past, the Spring Return Pill was more or less precious to Charlie wade, and by relying on it, his body had also improved tremendously.

        But ever since he had refined the Peiyuan Dan, the Spring Return Pill had become too ordinary for him, so ordinary that the Spring Return Pill was no longer worth taking at all for himself.

        As for refining more Spring Return Pills, it was not a difficult task for him either.

        Now that his body was exceptionally full of spiritual energy, refining the Spring Return Pill was just a piece of cake.

        And although the herbs needed for the Spring Return Pill were rare and precious, they weren’t so rare that they couldn’t be found even with money.

        If he gave a quarter of the money he made from the auction of the Spring Return Pill to Graham Quinton, he could buy back enough raw materials from all over the world to make thousands of Spring Return Pills!

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