The Real Dragon Chapter 4908

He Yingxiu didn’t know why her daughter had asked her to lie down in the bathtub, but she saw that her daughter was full of anticipation at this point, so she didn’t ask more questions.

After she had soaked her body from the neck down into the bathtub, Xion took out the Remodelling Pill and instructed, “Mum, Mr Wade said that you would fall asleep after taking the pill, but you don’t have to worry, I’ll be watching over you all the time!”

With that, she put the Reshaping Pill that Charlie wade had given her into He Yingxiu’s mouth.

He Yingxiu smiled at her daughter, and before she could speak, she felt a blankness in her brain and her whole body lost consciousness.

Seeing that her mother had lost consciousness, Xion stood motionless in front of the bathtub, expecting the moment when a miracle would happen.

Meanwhile, Isaac Cameron took Zayne and found a diamond ring worth US$1.3 million at Cartier’s shop.

It was already one of the best diamond rings that could be bought in this shop, but in Zayne’s eyes, it was still a bit petty.

He couldn’t help but ask the young saleswoman, “Is this the only size available? Is there a bigger one with a higher purity?”

The Chinese-American saleswoman said, somewhat nervously, “Sir …… This is already the best diamond ring in our shop, and usually this diamond ring is not in our shop, according to the company’s requirements, it is on tour in many shops in New York, it just arrived in this shop this morning, if you came yesterday, the best diamond ring in our shop, in fact, is less than a fraction of this diamond ring ……”

Zayne looked at the already somewhat exaggeratedly large diamond ring and said with a disgusted look on his face, “But this one of yours really isn’t big enough either, and the colour isn’t rare enough, I’m planning to propose, this is a bit out of hand ……”

The saleswoman was dumbfounded and couldn’t help but ask, “Sir …… I wonder what kind of diamond ring would be big enough and rare enough in your eyes?”

Zayne thought about it and said casually, “How about a rare blue diamond or a pink diamond or a red diamond? The price point is at least five million dollars or more, at least without dropping the price ……”

The saleswoman could not tell whether Zayne was telling the truth or joking, but her professionalism still drove her to explain patiently, “Sorry, sir, the kinds of diamonds you mentioned, we usually do not put them in the shop for retail sale, most of them are specially customized for VIP customers, and some of them even go directly to the auction.”

On the other side, Isaac Cameron was not surprised by Zayne’s words, after all, he was the young master of the Banks family at the time, and a diamond ring of a million dollars or so would certainly not enter his eyes.

However, Isaac Cameron also knew that time did not allow him to be too choosy, so he reminded him in a low voice, “Mr. Banks, we have limited time and the objective conditions of the shop are also limited, if you want to find a ring that can satisfy you completely tonight, I am afraid it is not possible anymore. Let’s buy this one first and then hurry up and look at the suits, so as not to delay the business.”

Zayne sighed lightly and nodded, “Alright then, I’ll take this one.”

After saying that, he looked at the saleswoman and said, “Please check out for me, the ring doesn’t need to be wrapped, I’ll just take it.”

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