The Real Dragon Chapter 4909

The saleswoman froze in her entire body and asked in a small, cautious voice, “Sir …… Do you really want to buy this ring? It’s a million and three hundred thousand dollars ……”

Zayne gave a hmph, took out his wallet, took out a black gold Express Centurion card from it, handed it to the saleswoman and spoke, “Hurry up and swipe your card, I have things to do.”

Seeing this card, the saleswoman realised that this uncle in front of her was actually a big shot in the true sense of the word, so she hurriedly said respectfully, “Wait a moment, sir, I’ll settle the bill for you ……”

Soon after signing his name on the bill, Zayne casually slipped the US$1.3 million diamond ring into his pocket.

He then picked out a ready-to-wear suit at Armani that was barely pa*sable, although it was already pricey enough for the average person, but it still made Zayne quite unhappy.

For a rich man of his calibre, it would be an insult to wear a ready-made suit from any of the brand’s shops. Normally, it would be the top dressmakers of these brands who would come to his door, take his measurements and then tailor the suit exactly to his body shape so that it could be truly worn out.

He chose his clothes, put them on and put his diamond ring into the pocket of his new suit before he and Isaac Cameron rushed back to the guest room.

The hotel staff also brought up the ninety-nine roses they had prepared. In Chinese custom, ninety-nine means longevity, which is an excellent symbol for love.

It was a good thing that the flowers prepared by the hotel concierge were all very well-known top varieties, each one very fresh, delicate and flawless.

And at this time, He Yingxiu in the bathtub, her eyelashes fluttered slightly.

Xion, who had never taken half a step away from the bathtub, noticed this and knew that her mother would soon wake up, so she impatiently went around to the right side of the bathtub and gently reached out her hand, following her mother’s right shoulder and looking all the way down into the mud.

Originally, He Yingxiu’s right shoulder was a vertical and uneven wound downwards. Although her arm had been severed at the root, the irregularity of the scar meant that the entire wound was like tree bark, full of irregular lines and folds.

He Yingxiu usually wore long sleeves, so the trauma of her broken arm was hardly visible to anyone except Xion.

Xion, who had grown up caring for her mother, had often stroked her mother’s wound when she slept with her as a child, asking her if it hurt with concern, so she was very familiar with her mother’s wound.

But when she felt down her mother’s right shoulder, the vertical section that seemed like a cliff did not appear.

What she felt in her hand was her mother’s round and full shoulder.

At this moment, Xion’s hand could not control some trembling.

She then continued down her mother’s right shoulder, and she felt her mother’s upper arm, her elbow, and her small arm.

Finally, it was her mother’s right hand, which she had never seen, let alone touched before!

At this moment, Xion suddenly burst into tears!

For as long as she could remember, the wish she had made every year on her birthday was that her mother would become a normal person.

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