The Real Dragon Chapter 4911

She had seen the miraculous effects of Charlie wade’s pills, which could make a martial artist cross a heavenly rift that could not be crossed for decades in the space of a single incense stick.

Having seen such wonders, now that her severed limbs had regenerated, she was extremely shocked as well, but she would not question its authenticity.

Confirming that this was all a reality, He Yingxiu’s whole person was already thrilled beyond addition, she looked at her right hand and murmured, “From the moment Mom broke her arm, she never thought there would be a day when it would be restored like the first ……”

Xion took her mother’s right hand and choked up, “Mom, didn’t you ask me what I used to wish for on my birthday? This is my wish …… It’s just that I never thought that it would actually come true ……”

Hearing this, He Yingxiu was even more moved to tears.

Mother and daughter were already extremely affectionate, plus they had grown up together, and this affection was much deeper than that of an ordinary mother and daughter.

The broken arm of He Yingxiu was an extremely special thing for the mother-daughter duo.

From a practical point of view, if He Yingxiu had not broken her arm, Xion would never have been born into this world.

So, although her mother had lived a life of disability for more than twenty years, deep down she was willingly attached to this broken arm, but her daughter was ashamed of it.

How could she not know what was in her mother’s heart.

However, when she thought that she had been given back by her mother in exchange for an arm, her heart was filled with guilt towards her mother.

And now, a reshaping pill given by Charlie wade completely unlocked this knot in Xion’s heart, and at the same time, made up for the lack of regret He Yingxiu had felt for over twenty years.

For a while, the mother and daughter were so relieved that they were both crying with pearly tears.

What they did not know was that Zayne, who had changed into a suit, was already pacing nervously back and forth in the living room.

A large bouquet of bright roses was in his hand, and the diamond ring, which he was not too happy with, was lying quietly in the lined pocket of his suit.

In his life, Zayne had never proposed to a woman before, so it was inevitable that he would be nervous and apprehensive.

When he married Deana, it was not because he had proposed to Deana, but because Deana had taken the initiative to approach him after Bruce wade got married and put forward several requirements for his marriage, and had given the word that he would marry him as soon as he could agree.

At that time, Zayne did not hesitate half a second and immediately agreed to all of them, followed by the meeting of both parents, the urgent setting of a wedding date and the hurried completion of the wedding.

The pace was so fast that Zayne didn’t have a chance to formally propose at all.

At the moment, he was pacing back and forth while silently reciting lines in his mind in preparation for the proposal, all the while keeping an eye on the time on his wristwatch.

Seeing that the mother and daughter had been inside for half an hour, he could not help but ask Charlie wade a little anxiously, “Mr Wade, why haven’t they come out yet?”

Charlie wade smiled faintly, “It should be soon too, are you ready?”

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