The Real Dragon Chapter 4910

Although she knew that this kind of wish would never come true, she still couldn’t help but use the most precious wishing opportunity of the year to make this wish.

But who would have thought that the wish that she thought would be the most unlikely to come true could become a reality!

Xion, who was overwhelmed with excitement, interlocked her fingers with her mother’s right hand, lifted her right hand out of the mud and then clasped her mother’s right hand with both hands.

At that moment, as if she had just awakened from general anaesthesia, He Yingxiu’s vision began to change from blurred to gradually clear.

When she saw Xion in front of her, she asked with a loving face, “Xion, why are you still crying?”

Xion clutched her mother’s hand, unable to stop her tears from flowing all the time, while choking on a sob, “I’m crying because I’m happy ……”

She had been broken for more than 20 years and was completely used to living without her right arm, so when she saw her daughter crying, she subconsciously lifted her left hand to dry Xion’s tears.

But just as her left hand was about to touch Xion’s face, she was suddenly struck by lightning and froze on the spot.

She suddenly realised that in addition to her own left hand, she could see three other hands in her field of vision.

Two were her daughter Xion’s, and the other, was being held tightly by Xion ……

In this instant, He Yingxiu only felt chills down her spine and back!

She didn’t know whose hand her daughter was holding in both hands, and she even had a feeling in her heart as if she was having a nightmare.

Terrified, she couldn’t help but ask, “Xion …… You …… That hand you’re holding is ……”

When she asked this, He Yingxiu’s expression suddenly froze.

She originally wanted to ask her daughter whose hand she was holding.

However, at this moment, she suddenly felt that a certain nerve that had disappeared for years was suddenly tugged and sent back a feeling of being held tightly.

That feeling came from her right hand, which had been severed for over twenty years!

Unlike Ito Yohiko, who had just lost his legs and had been a normal person for almost fifty years, He Yingxiu had a hard time adjusting to the sudden loss of his legs.

But He Yingxiu had been a disabled person without her right arm for half of the same fifty years, so she had already got used to the feeling that her right arm was empty.

Now, with the sudden return of her right arm, she simply could not adapt to it for a while.

However, when she subconsciously tried to control her right arm, she could clearly feel the clear feedback from all the nervous systems of her right arm.

She looked at Xion with trepidation and asked, “Xion …… This …… What the hell is going on here? …… Mum is not insane, right?!”

Xion hurriedly explained, “Mom! Don’t be nervous! You’re not deranged, it’s all because of Mr. Wade’s remodeling pills, which can regenerate a person’s severed limbs! Before you came, the Ito family’s Ito Yohiko, relied on Mr. Wade’s Reshaping Pill and completely recovered both of his amputated legs!”

Hearing Xion’s words, although He Yingxiu was shocked beyond belief in her heart, reason had already allowed her to make an accurate judgment.

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