The Real Dragon Chapter 4923

        When Li Yalin said this, his daughter Li Yuan Yuan said hurriedly, “Dad …… You can’t put this money into a trust again too …… For example, if you move to Houston to live with us in the future, plus our house will always need to be replaced with a larger one when the baby is born, Sun Hui and I won’t have to live in a flat in the city and can come and live with you. This way you can also help us with the children, and if there are more children, the family may also need to hire an aunt, add all kinds of hardware, the need for money is still quite a lot of places ……”

        Li Yalin looked at the woman and asked her, “Yuan Yuan, then how do you mean to arrange the 10 million?”

        Li Yuan Yuan thought about it and said, “Dad, here’s what I think, let’s first take a million dollars to change a house, we can change a villa that is closer to the city, bigger, newer and better, and then upgrade the other hardware in the house, such as food, clothing, cars, home appliances, etc. The rest will be put in a more flexible wealth management, if there is a need, you can withdraw it at any time. If you need it, you can withdraw it at any time.”

        Sun Hui couldn’t help but agree: “Yes, Dad, I think this is more flexible. With this amount of money to support us, we can choose a better private hospital for Yuan Yuan’s delivery, so that her maternity check-ups during pregnancy will be more comfortable and convenient.”

        Li Yalin hesitated for a moment, sighed and said, “Let’s do it this way, as you said, one million dollars to buy a house, 500,000 dollars to upgrade the family’s needs, and another 500,000 dollars as a reserve fund for flexible withdrawals, as for the remaining 8 million dollars, we will leave it all to your mothers to take charge of. It’s up to you.”

        Li Yuanyuan couldn’t help but ask: “Dad, only two million in total, isn’t that a little short …… Why don’t we take out three million first ……”

        Li Yalin waved his hand: “I have already made up my mind, so what should I do first? If you guys have any need for money next, just go and apply to your mothers.”

        Saying that, he looked at his wife Chen Junmei and asked her, “Junmei, do you think this is okay?”

        Chen Junmei was slightly stunned, then she came back to her senses and smiled, “Old Li, if you want me to say that you should not give me this money, isn’t it a total of 8 million? Why don’t you put it in a trust as well, just make it a short-term trust, starting from now, for the next eighteen years, take out one-eighteenth of it every year, until the whole amount is taken out in eighteen years, as for how to dispose of the money taken out, we both decide.”

        Li Yalin couldn’t help but be a bit stunned, but he soon figured out that his wife had also noticed that the children were taking money a bit too seriously and didn’t want to be the one to manage the money directly.

        So, he sighed softly and said, “Okay, let’s do it.”

        Saying that, he spoke, “Oh yes, let’s buy a house as soon as possible, I have to go out of town in a few days, and I promised to do something for the old man and Miss Flynn.”

        Chen Junmei was busy asking, “What is it? Is it dangerous?”

        Li Yalin smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it’s just a little investigation, nothing dangerous, you know the old master has a grandson he hasn’t found, he wants me to help find him again, it’s just a search, no risk.”

        Chen Junmei sighed with relief and looked at her daughter and son-in-law, who were so excited that they couldn’t control themselves and were making eyes at each other, sighed silently and stood up and said, “Alright old Li, it’s getting late, let the children go back first, and let’s both get some rest.”

        The daughter and son-in-law didn’t think much of it, plus the two of them had a lot of whispering to do themselves, so they agreed without a second thought, and after saying goodbye, they hurriedly drove back to their flat in the city.

        After seeing off her happy daughter and son-in-law, Chen Junmei saw that Li Yalin was a little lost in thought and a little despondent, so she couldn’t help but ask in a soft voice, “What’s wrong? Are you disappointed?”

        Li Yalin let out a bitter smile: “A little bit …… I’m a bit disappointed, but I think it’s understandable, so I’m rather torn.”

        Chen Junmei nodded and said seriously, “Old Li, never test human nature, human nature is like this real world, it can be as small as microscopic dust or as big as the universe.”

        Speaking here, she turned her words and said seriously, “But even the universe has boundaries!”

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