The Real Dragon Chapter 4924

The following day.

        While Yohiko Ito and Koichi Tanaka were running in Central Park wearing masks, Xion, together with her parents, said goodbye to Charlie wade with a thousand thanks before heading to the airport and taking a flight back to Aurous Hill.

        After spending two more days in New York with Nanaiko Ito and other members of the Ito family, Nanaiko Ito said goodbye to Charlie wade and the family left for Japan.

        After Ito Nanaeko left, Charlie wade gave an order to His Highness Wan Long to have them arrest Zong Mia, who handed the contraband to Elaine, back to New York.

        Zong Qiuying, whose real name was Yan Suying, had been working with her concubine these recent years, following Olivia Zhen as an underling. This person’s main task was to pose as a businesswoman under the false identity of Zong Qiuying and hand over contraband that needed to be brought out of the country in human flesh to a mule of Olivia Zhen’s choosing.

        Although this woman did not kill anyone herself, she did victimise a number of innocent victims by following Oliviazhen’s aiding and abetting.

        If it was the right thing to do, she should be allowed to die as a thank-you for her crime.

        However, considering that she was the key to Elaine’s release from prison, only then did the people of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons spare her life.

        As for her equally vicious partner, he had been killed and thrown into the desert near Las Vegas.

        At the same time, the soldiers also had information on the identity of Zong’s family at home, so they used it as leverage to demand that Zong confess her crimes to the US police, or else they would not only kill her, but also make her family pay.

        Knowing that she could not escape, Zong Mia did not dare to disobey the demand of Wan Long Temple.

        She knew that if she confessed to the American police, although she would never be able to walk out of prison again in her lifetime, she would at least be able to get her dog’s life back.

        So, at the moment, she simply did not have a second choice.

        When Zong Mia was brought back to New York and surrendered to the New York police, it was just time for the inmates to have lunch at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, far outside New York City.

        According to the rules of Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, before lunch begins, each cell is given a roll call. After the roll call, the cell doors are opened and everyone proceeds to the dining hall in an orderly manner.

        At this moment, Elaine did not know that her good days had begun everywhere.

        Her cell had just been counted, but even though everyone else had started to line up, Elaine was still lounging on her bed, with her legs crossed, reading a Chinese book.

        The female guard who was doing the count was oblivious to Maran’s behaviour and after confirming that no one had escaped from this cell, she said aloud, “Now you can go and eat in the dining room!”

        After saying that, she came to Elaine and said attentively, “Sister Elaine, today the kitchen has made spaghetti bolognese and shrimp steak, and I have asked the cook to prepare a bruschetta with tomatoes and eggs for you, so if you need it, just ask for Claire directly in the dining room.”

        The main reason why this female prison guard was so scared of Elaine was because Elaine was the one the warden had specified for all the guards to look after, and the previous guard, Jessica, had been reduced to a prisoner because she had offended Elaine.

        Therefore, all the guards at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility know that Elaine has a very powerful background and are very respectful when they see her.

        The main reason why the warden took care of Elaine was because she was the person Phoebe had asked him to look after.

        The influence of Phoebe in New York is not comparable to that of a small warden, so to the warden, Elaine is the perfect opportunity to climb up the social ladder, so he would not want to miss it.

        This is why the wardens of Bedford Hills Correctional Facility are so wary of Elaine.

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