The Real Dragon Chapter 4926

Elaine’s icy voice made Chloe and Jessica’s faces go white with fear.

        The last few days had been a living hell for them.

        What they had both done to Elaine before, combined with Elaine’s vindictive nature, had doomed them both to no good end.

        And from the initial violent beatings and torture of the two, Elaine gradually turned into extreme humiliation and slavery of the two.

        They were not allowed to eat, they were given all kinds of hard work, and they were not allowed to breathe for a single moment, just like the American ranchers did when they were imprisoned.

        For example, when the weather was hot, Elaine liked to go barefoot in the cell, so she made the two of them take turns scrubbing the floor at least five times a day, and if the soles of their feet got dirty after a day’s walk in the cell, they would not sleep that night, and while the others slept, they would be on their knees scrubbing the floor all night.

        Right now, Elaine asked them both to wash their dirty clothes, and they did not dare to disobey, so they could only accept it in tears and silence.

        Seeing the two of them start to honestly collect the bed sheets and covers that everyone had replaced, Elaine gave a cold smile of satisfaction, then stood up and greeted the people around her, “Let’s go, let’s eat!”

        A group of other people hurriedly followed Elaine and clustered around her as she exited the cell.

        On the way, no matter who they met, no matter what their status, age or colour, almost all of them would shout a respectful hello to Elaine in Chinese.

        This feeling of being answered by everyone made Elaine feel extremely satisfied and swollen inside, and her whole body was a bit floating.

        When they arrived at the restaurant, the people who had been queuing up to get their meals immediately moved away, and the woman who had been first in line immediately said with a face full of respect, “Sister Elaine, after you!”

        Elaine gave a hint, stepped forward, looked at one of the staff members, and asked, “Is the tomato and egg brine I want ready?”

        The staff member immediately nodded and said, “It’s ready, Sister Lan.”

        With that, she took out a thermos box from under the dining table, filled with scrambled eggs with tomatoes in the Chinese style.

        Elaine nodded in satisfaction, this was what she had specifically asked the prison guards to arrange for her, eating those Western-style meals provided by the prison every day really made her feel a bit bored, plus the Americans eat more meat, sugar and oil, so much so that she now missed the light and simple Chinese food like tomato and egg noodles.

        Elaine gave a wink to a female prisoner beside her, who immediately understood and rushed forward to take the thermos box, and then asked Elaine, “Sister Lan, what else do you want to eat?”

        Elaine said indifferently, “If you have anything, prepare one and bring it here.”

        “Yes!” The female prisoner nodded very respectfully, and then together with another prisoner, they loaded all kinds of food onto plates and followed Elaine to Elaine’s imperial dining table.

        This table was by the window, with the best and most comfortable view, and since Elaine had become a ghostly figure at Bedford Hill Correctional Facility, she had made it a rule that this table could only be used by her in future.

        Originally, almost every day, there would be an altercation or even a confrontation between inmates over this table, but since Elaine became the boss of the place, everyone would consciously stay away from this table to avoid angering Elaine.

        After all, not only does she have three extremely capable followers, but more importantly, all of them, from the guards to the warden, have to give her face, so it can be said that in Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, Elaine is a black and white person.

        Elaine came to her favourite table and sat down, the followers on either side hurriedly placed the plates and lunch boxes in front of her, one of the staff even hurriedly brought over a gla*s of cold cola and said respectfully, “Sister Lan, this is sugar-free cola, you can drink it without worrying about your blood sugar.”

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