The Real Dragon Chapter 4927

        Elaine gave a satisfied mumble and took a sip of the cola, immediately feeling a refreshing relief in this hot summer day.

        She couldn’t help but sigh in her heart, “It’s strange that people never want to drink Coke when they see it outside, but here, a sip of cold Coke can be so satisfying.”

        As she was thinking about this, the Chinese female prison guard from earlier rushed to her table and said with a joyful face, “Sister Elaine, Sister Elaine! There’s good news, Sister Barbara!”

        When she saw her excited face, Elaine’s heart thudded and she couldn’t help but ask, “What’s the good news? You’re so excited.”

        The female prison guard hurriedly explained, “Sister Lan, your lawyer is here!”

        “My lawyer?!” Elaine’s expression instantly flinched as she exclaimed, “Is it that James White? What’s he doing here?!”

        The female prison guard said excitedly, “He’s here to meet with you, saying that he has some great news to deliver to you in person.”

        Elaine froze and frowned, “Did …… Has he cleared me of suspicion?!”

        The female prison guard said without thinking, “I think so, otherwise how can you call it great good news?! Sister Elaine, I really congratulate you, you will soon be cleared of suspicion and regain your freedom!”

        But Elaine’s expression was a bit depressed, thinking to herself, “But I don’t want to regain my freedom now either …… If I regain my freedom now, how can I still be the Bedford Hills ghost?”

        Seeing that Elaine was a little lost in thought, the female prison guard could not help but remind her, “Sister Lan, the lawyer is waiting in the interview room now, do you think you should go over there first?”

        She said, “Sister Lan, why don’t you eat first, and go there after you’ve eaten?”

        There was always something unsettling in Elaine’s mind; she had to see James White first to find out what was going on.

        So she stood up and said, “Take me to him first, otherwise I can’t eat this meal!”

        With that, Elaine followed the female prison guard and went to the meeting room of the correctional facility.

        At this moment, James White, the most famous criminal lawyer in New York, was already waiting here.

        When he saw Maran enter, he stood up and said in Chinese with the utmost respect, “Hello, Ms. Ma, we meet again.”

        Elaine nodded absentmindedly and then asked him, “What do you want to see me about?”

        James White smiled and said, “Ms. Ma, I came over to tell you the good news that the woman who handed you the contraband at the airport has finally returned to justice!”

        “What?!” Elaine asked offhandedly, “You mean Zong Qiuhua?”

        James White explained, “That woman’s real name isn’t Zong Qiuhua, her name is ……”

        Elaine waved his hand somewhat impatiently, interrupting him and spoke, “I don’t care what her name is, I just want to know what the state of this matter is now.”

        James White thought that Maran couldn’t wait to get out, so he said with an excited look on his face, “According to my informant in the NYPD, that woman has already confessed to the police what she did, and the police can now basically confirm your innocence. However, the police still need to go through some more legal procedures, and when they have done so, they will issue a certificate that you really know nothing about this, and then issue a document to Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, at which point you will be able to regain your freedom.”

        As soon as Elaine heard this, he asked, “So when will they let me out?”

        James White looked at the time and replied, “I’m afraid that’s a bit much for today, but tomorrow is definitely fine!”

        “Ah?!” Elaine asked offhandedly with a disappointed look on his face, “So what …… Can’t we just let them hold off for a few more days?”

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