The Real Dragon Chapter 4928

Elaine’s remark caused James White’s entire body to freeze on the spot.

        He subconsciously asked, “Ms Elaine, what does a few days later mean?”

        Elaine said, “A few days later means literally, that is, let them stay a few days later and not be in such a hurry!”

        James White was so embarra*sed that he couldn’t understand why Elaine had made such a strange request.

        Puzzled, he couldn’t help but ask, “Ms. Elaine, I’m a bit confused, didn’t you ask me to get you out of here as soon as possible? Why don’t you want to go out now?”

        Elaine said with a serious face, “I’m not going to lie, I’ve fallen in love with this place, the people here are very friendly and I’ve made a lot of friends here, if I just leave, I guess many people won’t see each other again in their lifetime, after all, I’m not an American and I’m going back to China after a while.”

        In fact, Elaine did not have any real friends here, there were only some flatterers from all over the world, from all over the world.

        These people were so respectful and flattering to Elaine every day that they even made her feel like an empress.

        It is not easy for ordinary people to experience this feeling, after all, the free world has always been a world outside the sky, and it is difficult to find the feeling of being the only one.

        But in a small environment like prison, it is relatively easy to achieve.

        So Elaine knew very well that if he left Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, this experience of exclusivity would never be found again.

        James White was a bit confused at this point, and he couldn’t figure out why Elaine had fallen in love with this hellhole.

        So, he said awkwardly, “Ms Elaine, this matter is no longer up to you and me now. In this matter depends entirely on the efficiency of the New York police, if they are efficient enough, you will be released soon, of course, if they are slow enough, perhaps you can continue to stay here for a few more days.”

        Elaine suddenly thought of something and said to James White, “By the way, aren’t you here at the request of my son-in-law’s client? Then can you ask that client of my son-in-law to help me to clear things up with the police, so that they don’t release me for the time being, just wait for another 10 days or so, just wait for another 10 days to release me!”

        Since Zong Mia had already been charged, Elaine had a piece of mind.

        Although she had been very comfortable here before, she was more or less worried about what she would do if she couldn’t get out.

        Life in prison was great, and being a ghost on Bedford Hill was certainly enjoyable, but it was based on the experience of life.

        If she couldn’t get out and it became a regular occurrence, she wouldn’t be able to bear it.

        But now she can rest a*sured that Zong Mia has been brought to justice and that she has been cleared of any wrongdoing, so she can leave whenever she wants.

        If that was the case, she would have preferred to stay for a few more days without fear or favour.

        James White was in a bit of a quandary at this point, but he had a motto that nothing should be done to disappoint his clients, so he immediately agreed and said, “Don’t worry, Ms Elaine, I will definitely pa*s this on for you!”

        Elaine was slightly relieved and instructed, “Then you must not forget, I’ll wait for your good news.”


        The first thing James White did when he left Bedford Hills Correctional Facility was to immediately pull out his mobile phone and call Garet, the Flynn family’s senior.

        On the phone, he reported the strange behaviour of Elaine to Garet, who in turn hurriedly relayed Elaine’s request, word for word, to Charlie wade.

        When Charlie wade heard from Elder Flynn on the phone that Elaine did not want to leave the prison for the time being, he himself felt weepy and laughable.

        He really didn’t think that his mother-in-law could be addicted to squatting in prison.

        It seemed that Elaine’s time in Bedford Hill Correctional Institution was indeed a good one.

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