The Real Dragon Chapter 4942

For Zhang Anqi, her biggest worry right now was self-preservation.

        Once the battered Mandy returned, she would definitely seek revenge on herself, and without her backer, she was no match for her, so the only thing she could do now was to clear her name.

        Right now it was at the release stage and everyone was watching from the playground, even waiting impatiently to make a move on Elaine later.

        If he beat Elaine up in front of everyone, he would be telling everyone that he had nothing to do with Elaine.

        If he forced Elaine to take the blame in public, the risk to himself would be greatly reduced.

        If he could not wait for Mandy to arrive, he would kneel down and beg for forgiveness, and he might be able to escape this fate.

        It was only at this moment that Elaine understood how sinister people could be.

        Gritting her teeth, she cursed, “Zhang Anqi, you want me to take the blame for you, you’re just dreaming! You were the one who knelt down in front of me and begged me to help you with that Mandy, you want me to take the blame for you in front of everyone, I tell you, no way!”

        Zhang Anqi didn’t think Elaine would dare to expose herself in public, so she became enraged and kicked Elaine again, pointing at her and cursing, “Ma, if you want to die, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

        After saying that, she gave a wink to the two people beside her and said in a loud voice, “Beat me to death!”

        The other two were still a bit worried at this point, and one of them whispered, “Anqi, it’s not a good time to do it, why don’t we wait a bit longer, otherwise if the guards see us, we’ll be in trouble!”

        Zhang Anqi cursed in a low voice, “D*mn it, you guys are brainless! The problem now is not the guards, okay? Now we have to let everyone see how we taught Elaine a lesson, otherwise what if Elaine gets out of jail before Mandy comes back? If Mandy has no way to get revenge, we’ll still be blamed! If we can help her teach Elaine a hard lesson in front of everyone’s eyes, then when Mandy comes back, we can tell her that we’ve helped her get her revenge!”

        The other two instantly came back to their senses, so without saying a word, they immediately rushed up and started punching and kicking Elaine.

        Charlie wade, who was upstairs in his office, watched as Elaine was suddenly beaten up by a few oriental-faced women, and asked Chen Zitong, who was beside him, with some surprise, “What are those women’s origins? Why did they do it to my mother-in-law?”

        Chen Zitong also looked surprised and spoke, “Back to Mr. Wade, these women, they are all compatriots that your mother-in-law helped, they were bullied a lot in here earlier, then your mother-in-law instructed us to help them out, and helped them take care of the boss of their cell, and also let them take the other party’s place.”

        Charlie wade frowned, “That means that my mother-in-law was gracious to them, right?”

        “Right!” Chen Zitong nodded without thinking and said, “They had previously been saddling up next to your mother-in-law whenever it was time to eat and let off steam, very attentive, and I don’t know why they suddenly made a move against your mother-in-law.”

        Charlie wade nodded and said in a cold voice, “Whatever the reason, it must be because of the enmity, let’s do this, activate plan B.”

        As soon as Garet at the side heard this, he immediately said to that warden in English, “PlanB!”

        The warden agreed without thinking, and then immediately took out his intercom and gave a few orders.

        And Charlie wade turned to those female generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall and said, “You also follow the alternative plan, teach these ungrateful B*****ds a good lesson for me!”

        The three of them immediately said, “My subordinates obey!”

        After saying that, they immediately turned around and walked out.

        At that moment, the alarm suddenly sounded loudly in the playground, and several prison guards rushed out from the door and ran all the way to Elaine, who was being surrounded, and directly controlled the three men who had beaten Elaine.

        Zhang Anqi didn’t panic at all at this moment, she knew that she was fighting at this time, the guards would definitely not ignore it, but in her opinion, it didn’t matter even if she was confined by the guards, after all, she was actually trying to show her attitude by beating up Elaine in public.

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