The Real Dragon Chapter 4943

        So she did her best to break free from the guards holding her, rushed over to Elaine and stomped hard on the calf bone of her right leg.

        Elaine’s right leg had been broken several times, and now it was not completely healed. Suddenly, when Zhang Anqi stomped on it, she only heard a click and instantly felt a sharp pain coming from it, and her whole body collapsed and cried out: “Ah …… My leg …… My leg! It’s broken again!”

        At this moment, Zhang Anqi looked at the broken leg of Elaine rolling on the ground, and deliberately cursed loudly under her breath, “Listen to me, Elaine! I gave you this kick for Mandy! Don’t you forget that you broke Mandy’s leg! Then I’ll break your leg to avenge her death! This is called paying in blood!”

        Elaine was rolling on the ground in pain and couldn’t help but shout to the guards, “My leg …… My leg is broken again! Please take me to the hospital! Don’t let me stay here any longer! Please!”

        To Elaine, the pain was still secondary, the main thing was that she had to hurry up and find a way to leave this hellhole of Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, and if that was not possible, go to the hospital and delay, maybe Charlie wade would be able to get the prison to let herself out in the evening.

        Just at this time, the Chinese female prison guard suddenly came running over and said with an uproar, “Sister Elaine, you’ve been released Sister Elaine! “

        Hearing this, Elaine even forgot about the pain and subconsciously asked, “Really?! I’ve really been released?!”

        “Yes!” The female prison guard had already started to follow Charlie wade’s Plan B at this moment, so she said without thinking, “The connection your son-in-law found has already called the warden, who told me to arrange for your immediate release!”

        “Excellent!” Elaine’s entire body almost sort of cried out with joy.

        Even though she had been beaten up by the three Zhang Anqi and even had her leg broken again, the fact that she was going to be released now was like stopping the damage just in time!

        She originally thought that if she couldn’t get out at noon, she would be beaten half to death, but if she could stop the damage, it would already be considered a hardship for her!

        So, Elaine choked out, “Quickly …… Please let me out …… I don’t want any personal belongings, just let me out immediately ……”

        The female prison guard immediately said, “Don’t worry Sister Elaine, you can go with me to do the formalities now, I will call an ambulance for you first and take you to the hospital for treatment of your injuries!”

        “Good, good!” Elaine’s excited tears were left across her eyes and she said in a hurry, “Please, send me there now, I don’t want to stay here for another minute ……”

        The female guard asked her, “Sister Elaine, you are sure you want to get out of prison and not stay at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, right?”

        “Yes, yes, yes!” Elaine’s head nodded like an oil extractor as she choked out, “No more, I’m not staying, I’m not staying for anything!”

        Just as he finished speaking, another prison guard walked in with three women in tow.

        When Elaine fixed her eyes on them, her jaw dropped in shock.

        It was because these three women were no other than Chen Zitong, the three who had been taken away and released before lunch.

        She couldn’t care less about the severe pain and asked in astonishment, “Zitong …… You guys …… Why are you guys back again?”

        Chen Zitong said helplessly, “Don’t mention it Sister Elaine, the plaintiff has given up withdrawing the case again, saying that he wants to talk to our lawyer about the terms, there is no way out, we still have to continue to be locked up here ……”

        She looked at Elaine and asked in surprise, “Sister Elaine, what’s wrong with you?”

        Elaine, who had no place to vent her grievances, pointed at Zhang Anqi and said in tears, “Zitong …… They beat me up …… I have helped them so much, but they still beat me to death, you have to do something for me ……”

        When Chen Zitong heard this, he gritted his teeth and said, “Sister Elaine, don’t worry, we will definitely teach these B*****ds a lesson to the death!”

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