The Real Dragon Chapter 4946

Charlie wade was already completely unconcerned about Elaine’s sudden awakening at this moment.

He was only thinking that if he brought Elaine back to Providence in this state, Claire would be very distressed when she saw her.

Besides, she had a broken leg and had lost most of her ability to take care of herself, so if he took her back, who would take care of her?

Claire had to attend cla*ses and it was inconvenient to take care of her by herself, so the best way was to let her stay in New York for treatment.

However, there were still two problems: one was how to make Elaine stay in New York willingly, and the other was how to explain to his wife Claire.

But the first priority was to send Elaine to the hospital for treatment. Although for this leg injury, half a blood dispersing and heart saving elixir could bring her back to life immediately, Charlie wade still felt that using the elixir on Elaine was more or less a waste.

So, Charlie wade drove Elaine to the Flynn family’s private hospital.

As Garet had greeted him in advance, the hospital was on standby, and as soon as Elaine arrived, she was immediately carried carefully off the bus by a few nurses and then pushed in a wheelchair to the treatment room of the orthopaedic department.

A group of orthopaedic specialists surrounded Elaine and treated her with all their expertise, bringing back the feeling of being a ghost in Bedford Hills Correctional Facility.

The doctors diagnosed that Elaine’s right leg had some fractures, but fortunately they were not too serious and did not require surgery, but still needed to be immobilised in a plaster cast, along with medication and recuperation.

Subsequently, in order to allow Elaine to rest better, they arranged her directly in the best ward, whose interior was so luxurious that it was much more upscale than a suite in a luxury hotel.

Several nurses gently moved Elaine onto the hospital bed and adjusted it to the most comfortable angle for her, before one of them said to Elaine, “Ms Elaine, wait for a moment, I’ll get you some fruits and snacks, so you can replenish your strength first.”

“Yes, yes! It’s really hard for you!” Elaine’s whole body was in a much better state thanks to the analgesic pump, and with the added bonus of lying on a comfortable hospital bed, she finally had a smile back.

The female nurse said respectfully, “You’re welcome, Ms. Elaine, it’s all I should do.”

After the nurse left, Elaine looked at the luxurious surroundings and could not help but exclaim to Charlie wade, “Good son-in-law, the hardware of this hospital is too good, this ward must be at least a hundred square metres, right? Such a luxurious ward must cost thousands of dollars a day!”

Charlie wade laughed, “Mom, this hospital is owned by my client’s family, he has already said that your treatment here will not cost you a penny, and he will definitely arrange the best doctors and nurses and the best wards for you.”

“No cost?!” Elaine was stunned and blurted out, “Oh my God, not spending a penny on such a high cla*s ward, this is really great!”

Just as she finished speaking, the female nurse knocked on the door and came in with a very nice plate of fruit as well as dessert.

She placed all the meals on the small tabletop in front of Elaine and said respectfully, “Ms. Elaine, you can have some fruit and dessert first, and I would like to introduce to you that the screen above your bed is actually a touch screen with an order interface where you can choose the meals you like to eat and we will bring them to you first.”

Elaine was surprised and said, “Maa, so thoughtful? Let me see what you have to eat here.”

With that, she clicked on the order screen and exclaimed, “Chinese food, French food, Japanese food, Italian food …… Oh my God, you have so many menus …… Even a normal hotel doesn’t have as much variety as the menu here, right?”

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