The Real Dragon Chapter 4947

        The female nurse nodded and said, “We have many Michelin restaurants that we work with, usually the restaurant will deliver your order within an hour after you have chosen, so you need to place your order a little bit earlier to avoid waiting too long.”

        Elaine hurriedly asked, “Why is there no price on this? I wouldn’t dare to order it without a price, in case I eat several thousand dollars for this meal, wouldn’t that bankrupt my family ……”

        The female nurse explained, “Ms. Elaine, what you are in now, is the top VIP ward of our hospital, usually this place is for the internal use of our president’s family members, so you don’t need to pay for everything you spend when you stay here.”

        “Holy sh*t, free of charge?” Elaine asked in surprise and delight, “So what else is on here, desserts, drinks, perfume, skin care spa, are those free too?!”

        “Yes.” The female nurse nodded, “All the services that can be offered are free of charge, you can order whatever you like and if there is something that is not suitable for your current physical condition, we will give you a professional advice.”

        Elaine said with immense excitement, “Okay, okay, then I’ll look into it carefully later!”

        The female nurse bowed slightly and said, “Then ring the call bell anytime you need anything, I’ll be standing by at the nurse centre next door to you.”

        After the female nurse left the ward, Elaine looked at Charlie wade and said with a look of admiration, “Still a good son-in-law of mine! Only you can have such a great talent! Such a nice place, it doesn’t cost anything for hospitalisation, food and drink! If there was no time limit, I could stay here until my eightieth birthday!”

        As she said that, Elaine hesitated for a moment and asked experimentally, “Good son-in-law, do you think Elaine can just stay here and recuperate, and not go to Providence for the time being?”

        Charlie wade did not expect Elaine to offer not to go back to Providence, so he agreed without hesitation and said, “Actually, I also think it would be better for you to stay here, because there are the best doctors and nurses here, and they can provide you with the best treatment and care 24 hours a day, which is much more convenient than going to Providence, after all, there is no one in Providence to at your side to look after you.”

        Elaine nodded repeatedly and said seriously, “It doesn’t cost anything to be here anyway, and there is someone to wait on you for everything, it’s such a great bargain that you can’t take advantage of it!”

        I think I should stay here alone to recuperate, and you should go to Providence to stay with Claire, and after Claire finishes her course, you two can come to New York to pick me up and we can go back to Aurous Hill together.”

        Charlie wade nodded and said, “This arrangement is quite good, but the only problem is that Claire has been very worried about you, she has to let her know that you are out of prison before she can put her mind at ease, and she must not let her know that you have injured your leg, otherwise, she will definitely come to New York to see you at the first opportunity.”

        “That’s easy!” Elaine said without thinking, “I’ll call Claire later, and tell her that I’ve been released from prison, and then I’ve met a very close cellmate inside the prison, who invited me to spend a few days in New York, so I won’t go back first, and when you come to New York from Providence, I’ll tell her the truth then. “

        Charlie wade thought that Elaine’s idea was good, so he spoke, “Okay, in that case, then you should call Claire, Mom.”

        Elaine took out her own mobile phone, charged it up for a while and then called Claire first.

        Claire had just returned to the hotel from school. When she suddenly saw her mother’s mobile phone number !calling her, she was stunned at first, and then she realised that her mother had probably been released from prison.

        Elaine hurriedly said, “It’s Mum, Claire! I have good news for you, Mum has been released from prison!”

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