The Real Dragon Chapter 4959

        Wan Bajun couldn’t help but exclaim, “Inspector Li, you’re really something! To be able to lock onto the aircraft used by the other side in such a short time, this mysterious organization probably never dreamed that they would be exposed so quickly!”

        Li Yalin said seriously, “It’s mainly because Five-Four-Seven is there, with him there, he was able to gradually help me lock on to the clues, while helping me with cross-matching.”

        “This organisation definitely didn’t expect that any of their dead soldiers would survive, and they wouldn’t have believed that the dead soldiers would be able to divulge any useful key information, much less that anyone would have checked out their planes, without Five-Four-Seven’s information, we would have even thought that these dead soldiers were all from American soil.”

        “Moreover, normally, even if someone was investigating the sudden appearance of dozens of dead soldiers in the United States, they would never have thought that it was related to a regular cargo plane flying from Sri Lanka to Mexico, much less they would have thought that we could use the seismic information from so many years in the past to pinpoint the approximate location of the dead soldiers and thus narrow the scope a little.”

        Wan Bajun sighed, “Information is important, but your ability to pull from limited information and keep narrowing it down is the key to finding clues, so it’s not for nothing that you are known as the Chinese God Detective!”

        Li Yalin smiled humbly, then pointed to the registration number of the cargo plane and the company it belonged to, and said, “By the way, Master Wan, the registration number of this plane starts with 9V, if I remember correctly, this is the registration number of Singapore aircrafts, so this plane must be registered in Singapore, and the company it belongs to is YT-Airlines. Check where this company is registered and the public information of the company, since it is a normally registered company, then the public information should still be relatively easy to find out.”

        “Good!” Wan Bajun also had a feeling of clearing away the fog and seeing the light of the moon, and could not hide his excitement as he said, “Wait a moment, I’ll check it out with the computer!”

        After saying that, Wan opened his laptop and searched for the company registered as YT-Airlines on Singapore’s corporate information website.

        The information showed that the company was registered in Singapore, and was an air logistics company called Yuantai International Express in Chinese.

        The company had three shareholders, all Chinese by name, and a total of six registered cargo aircraft, all Boeing 777 ultra-long-range versions.

        After finding out this information, Wan Bajun said to Li Yalin, “Inspector Li, if we find these three shareholders, will we be able to dig out the clues of that mysterious organisation?”

        Li Yalin said with a grave expression, “I think these three shareholders should all be false identities, such a cautious organisation could not have left any substantial clues related to people in this link, the reason why they must register a company and must register every aircraft is also that they have no choice but to do so, after all, aviation safety is a very important issue to the vast majority of countries around the world After all, aviation safety is a big issue for most countries around the world, and without complete procedures, their planes simply can’t fly.”

        Wan Xiaojun asked him, “Then what should we do next?”

        Li Yalin thought about it and spoke, “I met Young Master Wade before I came here, and both he and I felt that we should not create direct contact with the other side during the investigation for the time being, so as to avoid early exposure, so I’d better report back to him and see what he has in mind!”

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