The Real Dragon Chapter 4960

At this time, Charlie wade had already returned to Providence.

        Claire continued to attend cla*ses on time as usual, while he stayed alone in the hotel’s presidential suite, waiting for news from Li Yalin.

        Although Charlie wade had saved Li Yalin’s life like a saviour, in his heart, he admired Li Yalin.

        He admired Li Yalin’s meticulous thinking as well as his meticulousness, his ability to look for breakthroughs in places that no one else would have thought of.

        It is this ability that has contributed to his reputation as a Chinese sleuth.

        And his idea of trying to use the clues from the huge natural disaster to gradually locate where the dead soldiers were stationed did seem extremely practical to Charlie wade, so he believed that it would not take long for Li Yalin to gradually clarify the clues after he met Five-Four-Seven in Syria.

        Li Yalin did not let Charlie wade down either, and a phone call to Charlie wade lifted Charlie wade’s entire spirit.

        When he answered the phone, the first thing Charlie wade asked him was, “Inspector Li, what have you got?”

        Li Yalin said, “Young Master Wade, we have analyzed some clues at the moment, but you have to decide what to do afterwards.”

        With that, Li Yalin gave Charlie wade a detailed report of the situation that he had analysed and investigated together with Five-Four-Seven and Wan Breaking Army.

        Charlie wade did not expect that Li Yalin had sorted out so many valuable clues so quickly.

        Firstly, it was the location of these dead soldiers in Five Four Seven. At present, it could be determined that the probability was in South Asia, especially the southeast coast of Sri Lanka, and the most probable islands in the sea around Sri Lanka, this range was already considered very precise compared to the whole world, if one really wanted to look within this range, it should not be a difficult task.

        Secondly, there is that Far East International Express Company registered in Singapore, in Charlie wade’s opinion, the function of this company, the probability is that it is specialized in transporting dead soldiers for this mysterious organization.

        Apart from that, there was also a very crucial clue, which was the six Boeing ultra-long-range aircraft registered under the name of Far Thai International Express.

        By grasping the registration numbers of these six planes, theoretically, one would grasp the movement of the dead soldiers of this mysterious organisation.

        After reporting this, Li Yalin said to Charlie wade, “Young Master Wade, there are two directions to investigate in depth at the moment, one is to search for the dead soldiers’ quarters within the currently locked area, then monitor the person in charge of the dead soldiers’ quarters, and then follow the vine all the way to find the real core members of the mysterious organisation;”

        “The other is to first find out the actual controllers of the Yuantai International Express and monitor them closely;”

        “Personally, I feel that this Yuantai Express, just like your sister-in-law who committed suicide by taking poison, is the white glove of this mysterious organization in the outside world, and most probably all are the peripheral members of this mysterious organization, or another kind of dead soldiers which are higher than these dead soldiers of Five Four Seven, from this line of them upwards, we should also be able to find the clues of the organization. “

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