The Real Dragon Chapter 4966

        The old empress pursed her lips and hesitated for a moment before speaking, “Helena, you must know very well in your heart that it is very difficult for you and Charlie wade to get together, not only is it as simple as he is already married, you are now the Nordic empress, your future husband can only be a European royal family or a patriarchal noble, otherwise, the hearts of the people would not be able to accept it. “

        Helena said firmly, “Grandma, I have made my position on this matter a long time ago, if I really have the honour to come together with Charlie wade, even if the people regard me as a sinner of Northern Europe, I will still be willing to do so.”

        The old Queen asked helplessly, “Don’t you care about the image of the royal family?”

        Helena shook her head and said with certainty, “I have long made two plans for my future. If I can get together with Charlie wade, then I can always give up the throne or even the royal status for that matter. and a beloved empress.”

        The old queen blurted out, “The throne needs an heir, if you are single for the rest of your life, who will inherit the Nordic throne?”

        Helena laughed, “No, when the time comes, we will borrow a prince or princess from another country to succeed us.”

        The old queen said seriously, “That would be the next best thing, because then the Nordic royal family would no longer be called Iliad!”

        Saying that, she was in a hurry and blurted out, “Right Helena, didn’t you say before that you would be willing to give Charlie wade a son if he was willing?”

        Helena’s face instantly reddened and she said in an evasive manner, “Grandma …… You …… What are you mentioning this for ……”

        The old Queen said seriously, “This is a great opportunity! Who cares if he has a wife or not, or if he wants to be with you, first find a way to get pregnant with his child, then tell the outside world that you are physically ill and need to recuperate for a while, and after you have the child, you will return to the public eye, and then tell everyone that you have just recovered from a serious illness;”

        “As for the child you gave birth to, we can first raise him in the palace in secret, and when he needs to go to school, give him a false identity and arrange for him to study overseas, and when you are older and need an heir in the future, push him into the public eye and say frankly and openly that this child was born during the time you were recuperating, then give the child a legal and public identity and then make him the heir to the throne!”

        “Grandma ……” Helena said in shame, “What on earth are you talking about ……”

        The old Queen stepped forward, took Helena’s hand and said seriously, “Helena, it’s about the continuation of the Nordic royal family as well as the Iliad family, in this situation, don’t just think of being shy, you must get pregnant first!”

        She added very seriously, “Look, although Charlie wade is married, he doesn’t have any children yet, if you can conceive his child, it will also be a huge boost to the relationship between the two of you, by then you will not only have the continuation of your bloodline, but you will also have a common crystal with Charlie wade, in this way, the relationship between the two of you can definitely go further too! “

        There was a glint in Helena’s eyes, but she still said in a shameful voice, “Grandma …… You’re just too crazy …… I’m still young and far from having to get married or having to have children ……”

        The old Queen shook her hand and said solemnly, “Helena, the sooner you plan for this, the better!”

        Helena hurriedly waved her hand and said, “Grandma …… Let’s talk about this later ……”

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