The Real Dragon Chapter 4965

As the Concorde was fast and that other plane had applied for a route to take off four hours later, Charlie wade guessed that they intended to wait until late at night before arriving in Nordic Bergen, so he was in no hurry to move immediately.

        He asked both Don Albert and Isaac Cameron to join the Concorde and divert from New York to Providence, while waiting at Providence Airport.

        As for himself, he waited until Claire returned from school before informing him that he had to make a trip to New York tonight on the pretext that there had been an accident at a client’s construction site in New York and he had been asked to go temporarily to check the feng shui.

        Claire originally did not want him to work so hard, but Charlie wade told her that the other party had used a lot of connections to save her mother, Elaine, from prison, so she owed the other party a big favour and had to pay it back, so Claire could only reluctantly agree to do so.

        Afterwards, Charlie wade said goodbye to Claire and drove to Providence Airport alone.

        At this time, the Providence airport was already covered in a scarlet evening sun.

        Inside the airport, the Wade family’s Concorde, as well as Don Albert and Isaac Cameron, had been waiting here for a long time.

        After Charlie wade boarded the plane, Isaac Cameron immediately came forward and spoke, “Young master, we have already greeted the tower, we can take off at any time.”

        Charlie wade nodded and said, “Then let’s take off straight away.”

        Isaac Cameron immediately went to inform the pilot, while Don Albert at the side asked Charlie wade with a curious look on his face, “Master Wade, what are we going to do in Northern Europe?”

        Charlie wade laughed casually and said, “To shady people.”

        Don Albert heatedly smiled and pulled out a scalpel with a soft plastic case from his sleeve, saying with a serious face, “You said before that without you by my side recently, there would be less human calligraphy works in the Western world.

        Charlie wade smiled dumbly and said, “I’m not really sure if it will come in handy, but since you’ve brought your tools with you, let’s wait until we get to Northern Europe, as long as we have the chance, we’ll definitely let you play well.”

        Don Albert nodded cheerfully and said, “That’s good, that’s good!”

        Soon, the plane took off above the runway and flew towards Oslo, the capital of Northern Europe, 6,000 kilometres away.

        While the Boeing 777 from Yuantai International Express was still flying over Europe, the Concorde that Charlie wade was on had already landed smoothly at Oso City International Airport.

        At this moment, the royal convoy of the Nordic royal family was already waiting inside the airport.

        As the royal family had already reported to the airport and customs, Charlie wade and the others, in the capacity of royal VIPs, were taken directly away from the airport and drove towards the Nordic Royal Palace.

        It was already late at night and early in the morning in Ossuary, and the road from the airport to the palace was sparsely populated and fast.

        Her Majesty Helena, in full dress, was waiting anxiously in the palace.

        Her grandmother, the old empress who had recently abdicated, saw Helena pacing in place with a mixture of excitement, excitement, nervousness and apprehension, so she couldn’t help but say, “Helena, have you still not changed your mind about Charlie wade?”

        “Transformed?” Helena suddenly stopped in her tracks and said to the old empress with a serious face, “Grandma, my heart for Charlie wade is unlikely to shift in this lifetime.”

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