The Real Dragon Chapter 4972

As the eight stevedores were killed, the a*sa*sin, who was disguised as a stevedore, stepped out of the cabin in a very calm manner.

        Once out, he skilfully locked the large hatch and took the lift down to the ground.

        After meeting up with his seven companions who had already come down early, the eight men took on the guise of stevedores and methodically drove away the transport truck, which had just been filled with a*sembly plates.

        By this time, the pilot of the Boeing 777 had already started to request take-off from the tower, asking for an immediate departure back to Cyprus.

        As the plane’s original flight plan was to return immediately after unloading the cargo, the tower had no doubts and let it go, so the plane restarted its engines, carrying the eight bodies, and taxied off towards the end of the runway, where it soon took to the air and disappeared into the night.

        At the same time, the eight fake stevedores, having completed their job, skilfully drove the transport truck to the designated entry point, and then strutted towards the exit in pairs.

        At this moment, Charlie wade, who was hidden in the shadows, was very puzzled.

        He did not understand why every one of the eight people sent by the mysterious organisation to carry out the mission this time was in a state of sobriety and freedom.

        If one followed what Five-Four-Seven had said, the Mysterious Organisation would use drugs to make the dead soldiers completely unconscious before sending them out on a mission, before they had even left the premises, in order to prevent them from remembering the location of the premises when they entered and left the premises.

        However, this rule obviously did not apply to these eight men.

        Could it be that these eight men were not dead soldiers?

        In terms of basic logic, since the mysterious organisation was not worried about these people remembering the location of the compound, that would prove that the status and importance of these people within this organisation was higher than that of the dead soldiers.

        And since this mysterious organisation was not wary of these eight men in these matters, there was no need for them to borrow Bergen as a springboard, which meant that Bergen was their destination for this trip.

        As for the eight stevedores who had just been killed, they definitely did not die from innocence either, as they themselves were cooperating with these eight people to hide their identities.

        In Charlie wade’s opinion, these eight people should have originally just helped these eight a*sa*sins enter the country temporarily, and after they returned from their mission, they would then switch the eight of them out, and by then they would be able to accomplish all this unnoticed and without leaving any clues.

        So, he immediately instructed Wan Bajun to find a way to investigate the eight stevedores who were on duty at the airport tonight, to find out what they were and to see what their origins were.

        After instructing Wan Bajun, Charlie wade immediately followed these eight people and left the airport’s cargo yard.

        During this journey, Charlie wade found that apart from these eight fake loaders, no other workers could be seen at the airport, and there was no one to check and stop these eight people’s departure.

        One of them walked to the left front of the van, reached out and touched the top of the tyres, and successfully felt a car key.

        The man who got the keys directly pulled open the driver’s door and got in, another man got in the pa*senger seat, while the remaining six men opened the rear cargo door of the van and jumped into it one by one.

        Immediately afterwards, the man at the wheel put it into forward gear, the accelerator was pressed and the body shifted slightly as the wheels turned.

        But none of the eight knew that at the moment when the body was shaking slightly, Charlie wade, who was dressed in black, floated down on the roof of the van like a falling leaf.

        No one noticed the abnormality, and the person driving the car gave a kick of the accelerator, and the motor-driven van drove off quickly with only the faint sound of a motor turning.

        After leaving the airport, the van did not head towards the city, but headed southwest, into the southern suburbs of Bergen.

        Scandinavia is relatively weak in agriculture because of the narrow north-south terrain and the fact that most of the country lies within the Arctic Circle.

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