The Real Dragon Chapter 4973

        However, as Bergen is located in the southern part of Northern Europe, the weather is relatively mild and the terrain is relatively gentle, so the suburbs here are mostly farms of some size.

        Because of the high degree of modernisation of agriculture in the West, there are few concentrated communities in the suburbs of Bergen, and because the farms cover a relatively large area, all the households here are also relatively scattered, with only one household for hundreds or thousands of metres.

        Charlie wade, who was lying on the roof of the car, looked at his surroundings and became more and more puzzled in his heart.

        This mysterious organization had sent eight a*sa*sins from far away, and had even gone out of their way to take out eight airport loaders, but they had driven their car to such a sparsely populated large rural area, what exactly could their goal be?

        At this moment, the speed of the van underneath Charlie wade suddenly slowed down quite a bit, and the vehicle’s lights were suddenly turned off.

        As the pure tram had no engine roar, the biggest noise it made while driving was the tyre noise generated by the tyres and the road, as well as the whine of the motor at a low volume when it was turning at high speed.

        Once the speed of the vehicle was reduced, the tire noise and motor whine would also drop rapidly, so at this moment, this pure electric truck with its lights off was almost as silent as a ghost pa*sing through this quiet night path.

        Charlie wade was instantly pumped up, the gang was suddenly so cautious, there was only one possibility, and that was that they were getting closer to the target.

        And at that moment, Charlie wade heard the man in the cab, sitting in the pa*senger seat, say in Chinese, “Two kilometres to go, stop first and let the brothers start loading their equipment!”

        The lorry immediately stopped at the side of the road and the two men got out of the cab at the same time and ran quickly to the rear of the vehicle.

        The driver nudged the tailgate with his fingertips and it immediately opened from the inside.

        The six men in the trunk had already changed into a full set of combat gear, bulletproof vests, helmets, and firearms, almost all of which were the same as the equipment carried by FiveFourSeven when they a*sa*sinated Charlie wade’s grandparents’ family.

        After the two men jumped into the cargo box, the others immediately handed the prepared equipment to them and quickly helped them put it on.

        After the two men were also armed to the teeth, the man sitting in the pa*senger seat said in a very serious tone, “All of you, team up in pairs and check each other’s equipment, there must be no negligence!”

        “Yes, sir!”

        The others immediately responded, and then there was a sound of magazines being inserted and guns being loaded in the cargo box.

        After everyone’s equipment had been checked, the man at the head of the group said, “I’ll repeat the mission requirements one last time. Do you understand?”

        Without thinking, the other seven said, “Yes!”

        The man said seriously, “Today is our lucky day! The one we want to capture alive this time is said to be the target that Lord Ying has been searching for for decades! It is only today that the British Lord has received the exact news of the target, and he has a*signed this important task to us, so we must do our utmost and not let the British Lord down! This is the perfect opportunity for us to regain our prestige in front of His Majesty!”

        The other seven men looked awe-inspired and said, “Don’t worry, Commander, we will do our utmost and will never let the Ying Lord down!”

        “Good!” The man who was called the Commander laughed boldly, “Brothers, tonight is the night to build a career!”

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