The Real Dragon Chapter 4974

        After saying that, he looked at the driver and spoke, “Little Four, according to the plan, the car will be parked here for now, you will sneak over with us, and if the mission goes well, you can come back and drive in between.”

        Without thinking, the driver said, “Yes Commander! I got it!”

        The commander nodded and said aloud, “Good! Get out of the car!”

        With his command, the tailgate of the cargo box opened and eight a*sa*sins dressed in black, holding black guns and wearing black masks, jumped out of the van silently, then they quickly concealed themselves into the farmland by the roadside, moving quickly and silently towards heading to.

        Charlie wade was lying on top of the lorry, keeping a close eye on the eight men’s figures, preparing for a mantis to catch the cicada and a yellow bird to stay behind.

        At this moment, Wan Bajun’s voice came from the headset, “Mr Wade, my subordinates have investigated the identity information of the eight stevedores on duty, and the information shows that these eight people are all native Nordic citizens, and their history files are very clean, not like any people with mysterious identities or unknown origins.”

        “Moreover, their bank accounts, all of them suddenly received a million euros in cash from an American company separately this afternoon, the time of the call, only an hour before this plane applied for the route to Bergen, I suspect that they were just temporarily bribed by the huge amount of money, that’s why they cooperated with these people.”

        Saying that, Wan Bajun added, “By the way Mr. Wade, the American company that gave them the money is a company controlled by your sister-in-law’s mother’s family.”

        Hearing this, Charlie wade faintly froze and could not help but sigh, “It seems that my brother-in-law’s line, they are not afraid of being exposed at all anymore, they dare to send money so blatantly, most likely they have done all the risk isolation, in the future this line is afraid that they will not be able to find out any valuable information.”

        Wan Bajun said, “My subordinate also thinks so.”

        Charlie wade said, “According to the timeline, this mysterious organization should have temporarily bribed these eight stevedores just earlier today, and then within four hours before takeoff, they created inverted masks made of silicone based on the facial features of these eight people, and then had those eight a*sa*sins quietly enter the country in this way.”

        “And these eight stevedores, originally thought of cooperating with them to play a game of stealing the sky and subsequently earn a huge amount of money easily, but unexpectedly, although this organization is willing to spend money, it will not leave any survivors at all, and the huge sum of one million euros in each person’s account is only a life to earn but not a life to spend.”

        The message it left at Bergen Airport was that it took off normally and returned after the eight people had finished unloading their cargo, and it took off before the eight people disappeared, so on the surface, there would not be any suspicion, and even if the eight people were eventually were found missing, no one would suspect this plane.”

        At this time, Li Yalin’s voice came and spoke, “Young Master Wade, that cargo plane of Yuantai International Express in Nigeria has just applied for a route to take off in twenty minutes, to fly from Lagos, Nigeria, to Gothenburg, Sweden.”

        Charlie wade frowned and asked, “Sweden should be next to Northern Europe, right?”

        “Right!” Li Yalin said, “Gothenburg is about six hundred kilometres from your current location.”

        Charlie wade asked again, “How long does it take for a plane to fly from Nigeria to Sweden?”

        Li Yalin said, “A little over seven hours.”

        Charlie wade nodded, “It looks like these eight people are going to make it all the way to Gothenburg, Sweden to rendezvous with the other plane after the mission.”

        After saying that, Charlie wade smiled slightly and said teasingly, “It seems that this plane is going to make a trip for nothing!”

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