The Real Dragon Chapter 4976

        Li Yalin also agreed at this time, “I agree with Young Master Wade’s view, there is really no need to take the initiative now, the previous time in New York, Young Master Wade has already made this organization suffer a big loss, and the coincidence is that Young Master Wade also really did not get any information in advance through any channel, so they will also realistically decide that the reason for the failure last time was not because of early exposure, but because the opponent was too strong;”

        “If Young Master Wade can repeat the same trick this time, it will only make the managers of this organisation suspect that their strength has failed to keep up with the outside world, but it will never make them a*sociate that their transport channels have been compromised, so that we can still use the clues from these six planes to continue to snipe at them with precision in the future! A few more times, I’m afraid we’ll make them doubt their lives!”

        Charlie wade laughed, “Detective Li and I thought together, I am now trying to follow this clue and seize the opportunity to teach them a few more lessons, once they suffer frequent regimental failures, they will not only doubt their lives, they will also lack confidence and be tied up for a long time in the future.”

        Speaking here, Charlie wade’s expression was austere as he said in a cold voice, “Although I have never met that so-called Ying master of theirs, it is not difficult to analyse this person’s character from the description of Five Four Seven, this person must be extremely confident and conceited, and as he is indeed strong enough, he should also rarely suffer defeats, so before meeting with him, I want this extremely conceited person to be forced to realize a The truth that has remained unchanged throughout time is that there are people outside of people and there is a heaven outside of heaven!”

        Psychological warfare had always been a point that Charlie wade attached great importance to.

        At the earliest time, he had completely pushed down the entire Tianhao Building Materials Group in front of Zhou Tianhao and his wife, in order, to completely destroy their hearts.

        Having Don Albert carve words on the foreheads of both Liu Guang and Liu Ming, father and son, was also a means of killing and killing the heart.

        And his aunt, Christine, who was so high-minded and arrogant, had also had her edges smoothed out by his imprisonment in the city village.

        Right now, although he still lacked understanding of this mysterious organisation, he had already made up his mind that he would play slowly with this organisation, first to make the controller behind this organisation collapse, and then to trample it down completely!

        At this moment, the eight loaded a*sa*sins were still stalking on foot in the darkness.

        These men ran fast enough and barely made a sound, which showed that these men were also quite powerful.

        If we put aside the weapons, their personal strength was obviously much stronger than Five Four Seven and theirs, and although they were not practicing martial arts, their strength would not be inferior to that of a six-star martial artist.

        Charlie wade followed them unhurriedly a few hundred metres away, following them as they climbed up a relatively gentle hill.

        After climbing higher up the hills, a set of small two-storey country houses with lights on appeared on the roadside about a kilometre or so ahead.

        With his superior vision and unusual eyesight, Charlie wade could already see that several American-style pick-up trucks were parked in the courtyard in front of the small country house, and several figures were continuously carrying various luggage items from the villa onto the vehicles, seemingly in a bit of a hurry.

        At the same time, the eight a*sa*sins gradually slowed down. After communicating with hand signals, they split into two, three staying where they were and the other five circling quickly around to the other side of the villa, intending to attack left and right.

        Outside the villa, the men were busy moving their belongings, unaware of the enemy who was already close at hand.

        An old man with an Asian face was standing outside the door, directing the men to load different items onto different vehicles, while urging with a serious expression, “Hurry up, everyone, we must leave before dawn!”

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