The Real Dragon Chapter 4977

At this moment, there was still more than an hour left before dawn.

        The old man looked at the time and anxiously returned inside the villa, knocked gently outside the door of the study on the ground floor and said respectfully, “Miss.”

        A very young, even slightly childish girl’s voice came from inside, “Come in.”

        The old man said respectfully, “Yes, Miss!”

        Having said that, he gently pushed open the door of the room.

        Although the villa, as a whole, looked like a Western freestanding house shape, the interior was decorated in a very Chinese antique style.

        In the study, a young girl, with a lovely face and skin that blew out, was sitting in front of a top-quality Hainan Huanghuali desk, holding a yellowing ancient book and reading it intently.

        The girl’s features are exquisite, even her long, curved eyelashes are perfect.

        She was dressed in a Chinese dress with a Chinese crepe-coloured embroidery, with a set of exquisite cloud shoulders embroidered with four-sided auspicious clouds, which had a full cla*sical charm, and I could tell that she should be an avid fan of Hanfu culture.

        As the old man entered, the girl put down the book in her hand, looked at the old man and asked, “Is everything packed?”

        “Back to Miss, not yet.” The old man said, “There are simply too many celadon porcelains in your collection, and the underlings are packing them one by one, but there should be no problem in leaving before dawn.”

        With a slightly depressed expression, the girl sighed, “Why don’t we just not bring those celadon porcelains, I’m ashamed to say, if I wasn’t obsessed with them, we wouldn’t be in danger of leaking out ……”

        The old man smiled faintly and spoke, “Miss, they are all dear to you and it won’t take long to pack them up, it won’t delay your scheduled time.”

        “All right ……” The girl nodded gently and spoke with some melancholy, “I really miss this place, I’m afraid I’ll never have the chance to come back.”

        The old man quickly comforted, “Miss, when we settle down in the new place, the old slave will definitely help you build a new farm, and if you like, it’s no problem to replicate this place exactly one to one.”

        “Good.” The girl smiled faintly and said, “Then next time I’ll try raising a few Juan cows, I feel like those cows are small, naive and cute.”

        The old man nodded and smiled, “OK! When we get to the Russian Far East, I’ll make sure you have some of the best Juan-San cows!”

        The girl laughed, “I just don’t know if the climate is suitable there.”

        The old man smiled, “It should be no problem, when winter comes, keep the cattle indoors, just have the gra*s ready.”

        “Good.” The girl nodded and spoke, “I’ve always been distracted these past two days, so I’ll divine another trigram.”

        With that, she pulled open the drawer of her desk and took out nine different copper coins from inside.

        She then divided the nine coins into three rows on the desk, before using her delicate hands to grab the first coin in the first row, the second coin in the second row and the third coin in the third row.

        Then, she closed her eyes again, mumbled something under her breath and dropped these three coins on the tabletop.

        The girl opened her eyes, saw the three copper coins, and exclaimed, “The calamity I counted the day before is already coming ……”

        The old man exclaimed, “So soon?!”

        The girl nodded, did not say anything, and looked at the six remaining copper coins from before with a grave frown.

        At this moment, the previous nine copper coins as just taken by the girl diagonally from the top left to the bottom right, the remaining six copper coins, in the bottom left and top right showed two triangles.

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