The Real Dragon Chapter 4979

Charlie wade’s words caused the ten people in the study to be shocked beyond belief.

        The man at the head of the group turned around and saw Charlie wade appearing alone at the door of the study and frowned questioningly, “Who are you?”

        “Me?” Charlie wade grunted and said, “I’m someone that all eight of you combined can’t afford to mess with.”

        The man froze and then laughed contemptuously, “What a joke! You’re not afraid to flash your back before you say big words, with just one of you, you want to go against the eight of us, do you know where I come from?”

        Charlie wade smiled and nodded, “Yes, aren’t you the commander of the Primus Guard? Not to mention the eight of you, even if there are eighty of you, so what?”

        The man didn’t expect Charlie wade to know his background, and while he was surprised, his expression became incomparably gloomy, and his eyes were full of killing intent as he said coldly, “Kid, you really want to die!”

        After saying that, he immediately picked up his gun and was about to pull the trigger at Charlie wade.

        Charlie wade did not dodge at all, his hand suddenly flashed with a cold light, and immediately afterwards, he heard the crisp sound of the other side pulling the trigger, but strangely enough, apart from the click, no one heard the sound of the gun.

        He looked down at the a*sault rifle in his hand subconsciously and found that there was nothing unusual about it, but for some reason, it just wouldn’t fire.

        So he subconsciously tried to pull the bolt again, but to his surprise, he had just pulled the bolt, and suddenly the entire cap of the rifle was pulled off by itself!

        He was so shocked that he thought something was wrong with the rifle.

        At that moment, one of his men beside him pointed at the gun in his hand as if he had seen the devil and stammered, “Command …… Commanding officer …… Your gun ……”

        The man at the head of the group fixed his eyes on it and was scared out of his wits!

        He realized with a start that his own gun, not simply the top cap had been ripped off by itself.

        His gun had been sliced open from the centre of the muzzle!

        Not only had the barrel been cut in half, but even the bullet that was pressed into the chamber had been cut flush into a flat surface, as if it were a textbook, revealing the cross-section of the 5.56mm calibre, in which one could clearly see all the structure, the bullet head, the eggshell, the gunpowder and the primer.

        His entire body was already stunned, subconsciously looking up at Charlie wade, his voice even with a few trembling as he asked: “You …… How did you do that ……”

        Charlie wade lit up the soul piercing blade in his hand, which was refined from giant clams, and said with a smile, “Here, it was by this.”

        The man frowned and said offhandedly, “How can a mere piece of shell cut through an a*sault rifle made of steel!”

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