The Real Dragon Chapter 4980

        “Don’t believe me?” Charlie wade raised his eyebrows, smiled playfully and spoke, “It seems that the old saying is right, this man, he really won’t shed a tear until he sees the coffin!”

        As he said that, Charlie wade’s expression suddenly turned cold as he said in a stern voice, “Since you don’t believe me, let you try it!”

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Charlie wade’s hand once again flashed with cold light.

        This time, before the man in charge could react, he saw the other half of the a*sault rifle in his hand, which actually fell from mid-air as well.

        Just as he was wondering how Charlie wade had managed to do it, he suddenly felt a sharp pain coming from his right shoulder.

        Instinctively, he looked down at the painful spot, only to discover that only a bowl-sized wound was already left on his right shoulder!

        The wound was neatly and completely on a flat surface, in which the flesh and sinews were clearly visible, and there was a large amount of blood gushing out!

        His whole brain was dizzy and he hurriedly looked at the ground again, only then did he realise that what he had just dropped was not just half an a*sault rifle, but half an a*sault rifle, together with his whole right arm!


        The sharp pain made his whole body almost collapse, and he looked at Charlie wade as if he had seen a ghost.

        After about three seconds of extreme fear, he suddenly shouted, “Hurry! Kill him quickly! Quickly kill him!!!”

        The other seven men also instantly came back to their senses, and one by one, they were instinctively about to shoot with their guns.

        Charlie wade looked around the week with a stern look, his solemn aura suddenly burst out, and the whole man shouted, “Who dares!”

        The a*sault rifle in his hand seemed to weigh a thousand pounds, and he was unable to lift it at all!

        The man at the head of the group was already desperate and broke down in a fury: “You greedy sons of b*tches! Do you think he’ll let you go?”

        The crowd was too frightened to say anything.

        It was because they all knew that if Charlie wade could cut the commander’s a*sault rifle and cut his arm, he could cut their heads off.

        Therefore, in order to avoid the tragic sight of their heads being cut off, no one dared to risk pointing their guns at Charlie wade at this moment.

        Charlie wade glanced at the seven men and chided in a cold voice, “All put your guns down!”

        As soon as the seven men heard this, they hurriedly threw their guns out in unison, clanking them to the ground.

        The man at the head of the group was completely desperate, he knew that once these seven men had handed over their guns, he would have no chance of turning the tables.

        So, he looked at the seven men with a desperate look on his face and said, “You greedy people, don’t forget that even if you can survive today, once the seven days are up, once you don’t get the medicine to renew your lives, your whole body will still burst and die!”

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